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The Big Sell: Utilizing Data and Digital Networks

A successful business venture can increase its equity by utilizing data and digital network. It's not enough to set up a modern office at Ayala Land Offices. It is now a requirement to have an online presence and make sure people see and know that it exists.
Some companies have a department that focuses on these concerns while others outsource to compensate for their lack of resources. Both methods are fine, provided that the solutions are in line with the company's goals and vision.
If you want to understand how business and data overlap, you must read these four ways of utilizing data and digital networks. 1. Emphasize the role of infrastructure in data collection. It's imperative to the success of a business to head towards one way to accomplish their goal. Likewise, a company where each department understands and uses the same set of tools for communication and business processes will succeed in their endeavors.
The employees, customers and everyone in the organizatio…

4 Hacks To Win Your Day

Some days, the only thing left to do is to exist.

You finished your tasks at work, cleaned the house, washed the dishes and all your clothes. You are fed up with your hobbies, and you still have the energy to take up other projects, but you don't have any idea which one.

Being the only person in your condo in Nuvali doesn't help the situation. If you want to feel a sense of achievement to complete your day, here are four hacks you can try. You might gain a new perspective after trying them out.

1. Give a winning smile.
If you don't feel like owning the day, you can fake a smile until the day comes to a close. A big full smile engages your facial muscles and signals the brain to produce happy hormones. When these chemicals enter your bloodstream, you can immediately feel the boost. Hence, you end your day on a happier note.

People who give out genuine smiles are a higher chance of closing deals and establishing new relationships. They appear likable, courteous and give out …

Office Communication: Dress Code Policy

Some of the rules and regulations in the office are given and easily understood. A few policies are consistent in all workplaces. Still, some of them need to be repeated and specified. An example of a regulation constant in all workplaces is the dress code policy.

Offices at BPI Philam may require a neat appearance. Well-kept shoes, iron clothes and styled hair are the basics of achieving a respectable look. Though the visual presentation is only one part being a professional, having the right attitude is still essential in masking competency.

As a part of the upper management, you must help your colleagues appear their best and embody the aura of an expert and efficient worker through their daily attire. You can use this sample list as your guide to suiting up.

The list includes five articles of clothing that are not appropriate for the workplace. It will help you have a guideline on what should and must not be seen in the office.

1. Outfits for a night out
You can quickly identify whi…

Allow Yourself to Say These Seven Sentences

The best way to change your life is by changing what comes in and out your body. When you eat healthy food, you get a resistant body. When you read educational materials, you get informed, and you have the chance to share your knowledge with your community in Vermosa.

If you everything that comes out of your mouth motivates and inspires people, they will be happy to have you. Most of all, good things will appear your way.

Here are seven lines you're allowed to say any day of the week in case you forgot.

1. I wasn't finished. Often, we avoid offensive statements because we want to avoid confrontation. Thus, agree with people even if it's against our thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. We don't fight for our right to speak or make choices for ourselves in fear of making ripples.

The next time someone cuts your meal or someone holds of your train of thought during a conversation or phone call, allow yourself to acknowledge the fact you are not over speaking. Say it loud and cl…

How To Fight the Rut During the Midweek

Sometimes the battle to maintain a positive mindset is difficult.
Demands at work, financial stress from the economy and severed family ties are some of the things that can bring you down. 
When these things come together, it becomes difficult to think especially when there is no one to help you. Thus, you need to help yourself. You can try these three solutions to get up and about until the weekend. 1. Do something that makes feel alive. It can be a challenge to do this especially if you are in a traditional office setting. Most workplaces embrace the quiet. Meanwhile, subordinates want minimal interaction as much as possible. They won't meddle with you, but that's something that won't fit lively and loud personalities.

If you are in a strict work area in one of Ayala Land Offices' rentals, you must wait until the end of the day to venture to spontaneous activities. You can hit the gym for an intense workout session, or you can go dancing in a club nearby. Make sure …

5 One-Liners That Make Someone’s Day

Each day is a new day.  It allows each one to start anew, reset and forget yesterday's mistakes. At times it gets difficult to get past the obstacles of life. You get stuck in a rut and forget about the sunlight, clear skies and fresh air.
It's time to make your home and office a better place. Try saying these one-liners for a week.
1. "Here's a high five!" For those living under a rock, a high five is a hand gesture between two people. They simultaneously raise their hand to head level and push or slap the side of their palm towards the other person's palm surface. The action is often accompanied by words such as "give me five," "up high" or plain "high five."
Giving a high five or asking for one increases camaraderie between people. It encourages bonds and strengthens a person's spirit. At the same time, the human contact helps sustain intimate relationships.
2. "You can do it!" It's best to believe in the wo…

4 Ways To Carry Out A Great Mood Until The Next Day

People suffering from depression have a hard time managing their mood. These people have chemical imbalances in their brain. Thus depression is under the category of illness. There are lots of unreported cases of this sickness, and few people understand how it functions.
Some people think that depression is a feeling, like sadness and happiness, and it can quickly go away. Since the number of suicide cases arising from depression rose from last year up to this year, clinical depression was pushed forward. A lot of people started to clamor about the state of mind. Hence, more people have mistaken their current feeling as an illness. 
If you plan to live by yourself in a condo for sale in Quezon City, you can do something when you suddenly feel blue. Here are some ways to alter your thinking and keep ahold of your good mood.
1. Prepare your outfit the day before. No one wants to feel rushed upon waking up. One way to remove cut yourself some slack is by making sure the things you need …

4 Signs It's Time to Move Out of Your Hometown

It feels nice to stay in a place full of familiar faces. Everywhere you go, there will always be a person will recognize your facial features or will call you by your childhood name. You feel safe and secured because you are surrounded by people who grew with you and watched you grow.
But, life happens to everyone. When that moment enters your life, you get the need to look for new ground. You look for greener pastures in unknown territories. Suddenly, a house and lot for sale in Vermosa appeals to you more than your childhood home. You are no longer excited to bunk with a sibling.
You need privacy, and it’s normal to go out of your way to separate from the familiar. If you are still unsure of moving out, here are other signs you outgrew your hometown. Hopefully, these can help you make up your mind to move out.
1. You crave a new environment.
The angry barks of the neighbor’s dog or the chatter from the family’s early risers always rouse you from sleep. Any disturbance from rest can…

How To Stay Chill Under Pressure

Honestly, Tower One and Exchange Plaza is one of the busiest skyscrapers in Makati CBD.
If you chance upon working in the building, then you are one of the melting potheads in the corporate cubicles. The demand of the corporate setting may be too much for one day which can push you to the brink of anxiety. 
Other than anxiety, the daily grind can be too much for your mind and body. Luckily, there are ways to keep composure in the workplace. Below are four things that can help you stay chill at work: 1. Gather your thoughts
The mind takes in everything - the overwhelming feeling of tight deadlines, unfinished work, and boisterous office floor. 
Take a deep breath.
Focus on your breathing while filtering your thoughts. Your mind may be grappling with too many things at the same time.
If you’re feeling like drowning or agitated with the people around you, you must step away from your desk. If you can, remove yourself from the room. Take a walk or stay in an empty place. You need to focus…

6 Habits for A Better Monday

Monday is the beginning of a long work week. Five days to be exact. The traffic is heavy, and everyone is on their way to work. It is also the day when new opportunities come whether it's a big project, a leadership initiative or an unexpected proposal. Being stuck in the workplace, even if it's a virtual office - Makati or Manila can bring you in a foul mood. 
To jumpstart the work week, here are some habits to adapt so you can make the most of the dreaded day:
1. Get up half an hour before the people at home do. Upon waking, the mind is still fresh from sleep. A moment of downtime before engaging in the activities of the day allows you to get attuned to your subconscious thoughts. You can easily recall and contemplate on your thoughts the night before.
Having a few minutes of alone time also makes you efficient throughout the day. The quiet time allows you to organize your activities for the day and formulate realistic plans without distraction.
2. Wear sneakers.
If you are trying …

5 Ways To Improve The Quality of Your Sleep

Being close to home is supposed to make you have a better sleep. A house and lot for sale, Cavite or Laguna that has a spacious bedroom was a great bargain but is still bare of the sleep necessities.

If sleep is the last thing on your mind, you need a better bed, sleep accessories and a calming environment. Apply these five ways to improve the quality of your sleep.
Ways to improve sleep quality 1. Have a spacious bed Sleep is the best thing you can do for your body. The mind and body can't function well when it lacks sleep. Do yourself a favor and aim for six to eight hours of shut-eye each night.

If you have a hard time spending time in bed, it may be due to a stiff mattress. Upgrade the size and mattress of your bed. Splurge on a full-sized bed especially if the budget permits. Purchase a high-quality mattress as the worn-out one can be too soft. A soft and lanky mattress may not offer enough support the body needs. A firm mattress helps with spine alignment. At the same time,…

Five Expenses You Do Not Foresee When Moving In

“Now, one thing I tell everyone is to learn about real estate. Repeat after me: Real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values, and the least risk.”-Armstrong Williams 

Moving into your first flat is extremely exhilarating—the level of independence and accomplishment you feel is nothing short of extraordinary. By this time, you might have already paid in full or likely settled a down payment to move in, and you would not have to worry about more expenses till the utility bills come. Unfortunately, we can only wish this were true. The truth of the matter is: there are a lot of surprise expenses in store for you on moving day, so it is better to be forewarned.

In an ideal scenario, everyone would be afforded anywhere from five to seven days to prepare and just focus on moving in. In this way, you would not be caught off-guard and unprepared. However, this would likely be an impractical scenario seeing as a majority of individuals would not have that kind of time. So, if y…

Sustainability in Urban Design

It is not enough for a place to be habitable. It also needs to be sustainable.

Urban design is the process, design, and organization of public space, transportation systems, and open space. With half of the Earth’s population crowding in cities, urban design needs to take a hard look at its mechanisms. Each city must commit and choose sustainable development. Philippines, in terms of population and the economy, exponentially grows each year. But, the land areas of its cities remain the same. The same rings true in other cities across the globe. Three (almost four) billion people stay in these urban areas. Therefore, the role of urban design has a significant impact in today’s contemporary way of life.
According to a United Nations’ (UN) report, 60% of the Earth’s population will crowd cities by 2030. This is not good news for various reasons. 
Millenials are slow to pick up the traces of needing change concerning their way of living. Thus, it is better for the current millennia to hav…

The Big Sell: Experts Share Pitching Advice

Another day at UP Ayala Technohub, slaving for 8 hours. You have an idea brewing in your head. You also have a plan to improve your group’s communication system and project management style. But these powerful ideas or well-kept backup plans are just in your head, and won’t matter unless you share it with the group; most importantly, to your superior. Until then, it will just be a plan or idea that won’t be making the changes you envision for the company. The aim is to have their approval. To hear that sweet sounding yes is a melody to the ears, which makes you fly high in the sky even if it means being buried in paperwork. Before that, you have to face your boss, the management or who ever it is you have to talk with to settle the proposal. Sometimes, it only takes one chance for the person or committees to decide your faith, so it’s better to ace it on the first try. Few experts had a say on how to successfully present a pitch to a challenging audience. To show off your ideas witho…

Moving On: Five Packing Tips for A Stress-free Move

“There is always a sadness about packing. I guess you wonder if where you are going is as good as where you have been.” -Richard Proenneke

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events one would go through in life. More often than not, you would have to find prospective buyers for the home you are putting sale, and on top of that, you have to pack a significant number of years' belongings. Indeed, when you add this all up, packing to move can be an incredibly overwhelming experience—so much so that you would often feel burned out and anxious. However, this does not have to be the case as there are techniques and tips you can undertake to ensure that on the day of your move, you would not be too stressed. After all, there are a lot of things involved when it comes to moving houses and not just packing alone, so you could at least do with the least amount of anxiety on moving day. So, before you move into that condo in Manila or elsewhere, here are some tips you shoul…

Quick vacation? Make it Happen, Make it Makati!

For the people in the labor force, hustling every day is tiring and draining. Other students seem to drag themselves to school. Sometimes, you just end up all-day on your bed on weekends even if you promise to enjoy yourself. But not anymore! It is your time to get up and explore the wonders of Makati City.
Makati City is a home for skyscrapers, condominiums, shopping centers, Ayala Malls and establishments, and recreational activities. Whether you are a going for a daycation or a staycation, you will surely enjoy your sweet escape in this city.
Below are only some of the must-visit sites in Makati City:
1. Glorietta

Perfect for a daycationer who needs to go shopping (real shopping or window shopping) within a day. Aside from tons of choices and variety of stores to be seen in Glorietta Malls, you will also enjoy a peaceful scenery and picturesque buildings along the way. Not to mention you can also treat yourself a movie in Ayala Mall cinema.
2. Ayala Museum

Other students might h…