Friday, May 15, 2015

4 Tips on How to Shop School Supplies When on a Tight Budget

Summer is almost over, and shopping malls in the Philippines are starting to sell school supplies for students who are about to have another school year. Exciting, isn't it?! Of course, there are no best days aside from the days you spend in school for you to learn the things that must be taught only in school.
There are already some students and/or parents who are now starting to buy some requirements for their next school days, they have already what they need for school. Well, who would not want to buy ahead since they know very well that there are so many people buying school supplies in the nick of time, or even, they are still buying school supplies at the first day of school.

Well, if you still haven’t bought anything yet and you are also on a tight budget, you can definitely try these simple yet effect tips on how to buy school supplies while saving your money. Here’s how:

1. Look for school supplies that will last

They say, you have to buy the things even if it is not durable enough since it is cheaper and you can definitely save a lot of money from it. Well, I totally won’t agree. If you buy poor quality products, the more you will buy that same product over and over again. You can say that buying cheaper product that compromises its quality, then it is not the real savings.

There are actually a lot of cheaper products that are durable and/or have a good quality. You should know what kind of things that will last basing from the looks and how it is made. Do not buy products that are already used and not sealed since there are possibilities that it is already a reject product.

2. Stick to the list

This is one of the important things to consider. Be reminded that you are on a tight budget and you don’t want to waste your money with the unnecessary things which you are not going to use in school. You should buy only the things that are necessary and are included in your list of requirements.

Also, if you have the list, try to check that things that are being bought. With that, it is easier for you to monitor what things that are still lacking for you to buy it.

3. Clothing swaps

It is inevitable for some to have the need to buy new back to school clothes. If you think that you are on a tight budget, you have to think of other options on how you can save even if you buy a new pair of clothes. Good for you if you still have the budget to buy one, but for some, they really don’t have enough budget that is intended for the clothes.

Clothes swapping with your friends and/or classmates is one way you can save more money. There are also times that your friend and/or relative has an extra clothes that he/she did not use it anymore. You can definitely ask for those clothes and make or transform it into something that can still be of use to you.

4. Thrift stores

Of course this, if you are really on a tight budget, do not go to a mall that you know their prices are high enough that you cannot afford to buy that particular thing. There are actually a lot of thrift stores that have school supplies and sells it in a cheaper price than the other stores. Of course, you have to go to that particular store for you to save more.

These are just some of the things that you can on buying school supplies even if you are on a budget tight. Just make sure that you know how to manage and budget your money for you to buy the things that are needed in the school.

5 Effective Ways To Get Fit And Healthy With Mom

Who says being fit are only for youngsters? Moms too can look fabulous with their body. One of the reasons why there are moms who are as fit as teenager are, they are into living a fit and healthy lifestyles. Even if most moms are just staying in their homes in Manila properties, they have still the chance to find and have the time on being fit.
I bet, you don’t want to lose to your mom when it comes to being fit. Not just your mom, but you also strive to have a good and healthy posture. Well, being fit and staying healthy is one of the ways you can have some bonding moments with your mom.

You can actually have a lot of activities you can do with your mom. Activities that can make you and your mom healthy and physically fit. If you still stuck on the idea of being fit and fab together with your mom, then here are some tips you can apply whenever you want to do some activities with your mom.

1. Explore the neighborhood

A lot of you here might not have the chance to explore the beauty of your neighborhood. Why don’t you give some strolling or walking down on your neighborhood and discover new things that can be of use to you. Well, you can have a tour around the community and make some friends.

You and your mom would not just discover what is new in the community, but also, strolling or walking is also a good exercise. It is good for your health. If you both are not contented with just walking around the neighborhood, you can definitely jog around every morning or in the afternoon.

2. Learn to appreciate art

Learning how to appreciate art can sometimes be a challenge. It is a challenge in a way where you have to see the beauty of art for you to appreciate it. t can be one of your challenges in life to get into the art of appreciating the different kinds of arts in the world.

Appreciating arts is not just about appreciating and complimenting things, it is also good for your mind. You can definitely have a sense of harmony of the things that surrounds you. You will learn new things just by appreciating them in their own special way.

3. Do adventure once in a while

If you are a kind of person who is into doing new and exciting things, you can definitely do some adventure with your mom once in a while. Well, it doesn’t have to be strenuous to do some adventures. You can do some hiking in the mountains if you also prefer having it as one of your adventure activities that you want to do with your mom.

Aside from hiking or mountain climbing, you can definitely have some different kind of adventure that you want to try. You can also have skydiving, scuba diving and/or any other activities that you want to do.

4. Experiment with different recipes

I’m sure, you and your mom would definitely love this kind of idea. Of course, who would not love to eat and explore different taste from different kinds of food that are served at the table? When you do some experimentation of the recipes, you will know what kind of food that you will like to have and eat again.

This is also your chance to have a healthy kind of food to eat. You don’t have to worry since you are sure that what you eat is a healthy food.

5. Engage in community fitness activity

Since there are some of the homeowners who don’t have the time and the budget to go to a gym, there are some community that caters Zumba and is open to all homeowners. Why don’t you try joining some activities like that and make some friends out of it while exercising instead of doing it alone in your house.

Dancing is one way to do exercise, and dancing with other people who have also the same interest of yours is a fun thing to do while staying fit and healthy lifestyle.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Top 4 Most Annoying Roommate Habits

Sometimes, living in an apartment Cebu will give you a roommate. There are times that you will not only have one roommate, but you can also have two to five roommates. Well, it will definitely be fun having and living with them, especially when they are not boring to be with.

Of course, as a roommate, you also have to behave and act properly to set an example to your other roommates. But there are times that their behavior can sometimes be out of control. They do things that can make you and/or the other roommates be annoyed with them even if you already have set some rules for them to follow.

If you are one of those roommates who have experience and have met these kinds of behaviors, I’m sure you can definitely relate to these annoying habits of your roommates.

  1. Evading chores
This is one of the common bad habits of your roommates. Of course, not all of your roommates will skip their duties inside the apartment, but there will really be one or two of your roommates that would definitely break the rules and their duties.

Usually, when one tends to skip his or her household chores, it’s either they forget that it is their turn to do the household chores and/or they just don’t want to do it since they are tired or lazy enough to contribute to the chores that they have in their apartment.

  1. Bringing their boyfriend/girlfriend in
Some of you here might have already experienced this kind of habit. There are just times, if not all the times, some of your roommates will tend to bring his girlfriend or her boyfriend to the apartment that you are living. Even if it is an all girls/boys' apartment, they usually break the rules and tend to bring them in for a night or two.

Perhaps, they just want to be with their boyfriends or girlfriends, but it is still not an excuse to bring an outsider in your apartment, especially when you know that it will really be an awkward feeling and it is also not nice to look at being couples that sleeps together in one bed. I’m sure you don’t want to be called PDA with your roommates.

  1. Stealing food
This is also one of the most common bad habits your one of your roommates going to have. Perhaps, some of them don’t have enough budget for buying their own food, that is why they tend to steal your food instead. And especially when you tend to leave your food in the refrigerator, they will definitely have the chance to get and eat it.

There are also times that your roommate just don’t have any idea who that particular food belongs to and nobody admits that, that particular food is theirs since the owner of the food is also not there. That is why they will eat it instead.

  1. Late in paying the rent
Of course, this kind of habit can sometimes piss us off. There are times that we can definitely understand their situation when it comes to financial problems. But there are just some roommates that even if they already have the budget that is intended for the rent, they still won’t pay for the exact monthly due dates. Perhaps, they have plans to spend it on the other stuff and pay it back later forgetting the monthly dues that they have.

If  one of your roommates cannot pay for the given date, then it will be your call to pay first the monthly bills that you have and your roommates will pay you back later on when they have already the budget available.