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4 Tips on How to Shop School Supplies When on a Tight Budget

Summer is almost over, and shopping malls in the Philippines are starting to sell school supplies for students who are about to have another school year. Exciting, isn't it?! Of course, there are no best days aside from the days you spend in school for you to learn the things that must be taught only in school.
There are already some students and/or parents who are now starting to buy some requirements for their next school days, they have already what they need for school. Well, who would not want to buy ahead since they know very well that there are so many people buying school supplies in the nick of time, or even, they are still buying school supplies at the first day of school.
Well, if you still haven’t bought anything yet and you are also on a tight budget, you can definitely try these simple yet effect tips on how to buy school supplies while saving your money. Here’s how:
1. Look for school supplies that will last
They say, you have to buy the things even if it is not durable…

5 Effective Ways To Get Fit And Healthy With Mom

Who says being fit are only for youngsters? Moms too can look fabulous with their body. One of the reasons why there are moms who are as fit as teenager are, they are into living a fit and healthy lifestyles. Even if most moms are just staying in their homes in Manila properties, they have still the chance to find and have the time on being fit.
I bet, you don’t want to lose to your mom when it comes to being fit. Not just your mom, but you also strive to have a good and healthy posture. Well, being fit and staying healthy is one of the ways you can have some bonding moments with your mom.
You can actually have a lot of activities you can do with your mom. Activities that can make you and your mom healthy and physically fit. If you still stuck on the idea of being fit and fab together with your mom, then here are some tips you can apply whenever you want to do some activities with your mom.
1. Explore the neighborhood
A lot of you here might not have the chance to explore the beauty of yo…

Top 4 Most Annoying Roommate Habits

Sometimes, living in an apartment Cebuwill give you a roommate. There are times that you will not only have one roommate, but you can also have two to five roommates. Well, it will definitely be fun having and living with them, especially when they are not boring to be with.

Of course, as a roommate, you also have to behave and act properly to set an example to your other roommates. But there are times that their behavior can sometimes be out of control. They do things that can make you and/or the other roommates be annoyed with them even if you already have set some rules for them to follow.
If you are one of those roommates who have experience and have met these kinds of behaviors, I’m sure you can definitely relate to these annoying habits of your roommates.
Evading choresThis is one of the common bad habits of your roommates. Of course, not all of your roommates will skip their duties inside the apartment, but there will really be one or two of your roommates that would definitely br…