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Room of the Day: Know your Style

Ok, let’s face it! We all want to have and live in an elegant room. Agree? Of course, who wouldn’t? Sometimes, we even decorate and/or renovate our room in Amaia Homes Lipa just to have a room where we can be proud of. Even if it is just simple for as long as we find the elegance in there, then it is good.

There are actually a lot of ideas and/or things that you can do with your room for you to achieve your desired elegance. You can even make some research on the web on how you can achieve one. However, there are also certain things that are not applicable on your home. That is why, you also have to be careful in every decision that you will make.

Well, if you are one of those people who really want to have a room where they can feel that they can be proud of, then you might as well refer to this tips on how you can achieve elegance on your home. Of course, these tips are easy for you to do. So, fret not!

The arrangements

The arrangement of your things and/or furnitures around your room …

4 Simple Ways to Make a Small Kitchen look Bigger

There are a lot of homeowners who usually complain about having a small space in their kitchen. Well, hands up if you are one of those homebuyers who have a small kitchen space! Whether you are living in Amaia homes and/or any other real estate properties in the Philippines, your kitchen is going to be a part of your home.

While other home buyers think of renovating their entire kitchen to make and have it a bigger space, others are just going to have their own way on making it bigger to look at. Sometimes, you just have to think out of the box on how are you going to make it bigger.

There are actually a lot of ideas that you can do in your kitchen, you can have it fully renovated or you can just do simple things. Well, if you are a kind of person who don’t want to spend so much of their time and money, here are some tips and/or simple ways for you to make your small kitchen look bigger.

1. Clear out the clutter

Clutters around your kitchen are going to messy when you don’t take them a…