Monday, February 17, 2014

Residence Options For College Students And Young Professionals

Having a place to live is one of the most important things for anyone. Unfortunately, this can become a real issue to deal with for college students or young professionals whose schools or places of work are too far from their houses. 

A lot of these college students and young professionals find themselves looking for residence options when they are starting school or work in a different place that is quite far from their homes. Below are some of the usual choices nowadays.

·         Buy a condo. For the more privileged families, buying a condo in the Philippines is one of the first options. This is true especially for college students whose condo units are bought for them by their parents. The parents usually consider the condo unit purchase as an investment since such condos are often in convenient locations and the unit would usually command a steep price after some time.

·         Rent a condo/apartment. If you do not have the resources yet to buy a Philippine property such as a condo, the next best thing is to rent one.  There are plenty of apartments located near universities and other popular commercial areas. You just need to learn how to look for them because not all apartments with vacancies would post notices or advertisements. Check out bulletin boards and advertisements in the area. 

·         Share an apartment. Renting an apartment near commercial areas can be expensive too, especially if the establishments nearby are quite popular. Those located near universities especially, are quite pricey since they offer a convenient choice for students as well as teachers. A good solution to this is to share an apartment or condo unit with someone. A friend, classmate, or coworker who also goes to school or work in the same area might be interested in sharing an apartment so ask your network of family and friends for anyone willing to be your condo-mate. 

·         Stay in a dormitory. Among the most affordable residence options are dormitories. Many universities offer dormitories for their students and teachers and these are popular among them. Although getting fewer these past few years, there are still dormitories in a lot of areas in Metro Manila, particularly near schools and universities. However, keep in mind that some of these dormitories have stricter conditions such as number of guests you may invite, electrical appliances you may bring with you, and a curfew.