Monday, January 30, 2012

Ayala Land Property Exhibit in Singapore

Take an Exclusive Preview of Ayala Land's Residential Portfolio

February 18 and 25, 2012 | Saturday
1:00 PM-6:00 PM

7,107 Flavours: Philippine Cuisine, Culture and Travel
6 Raffles Boulevard, Second Level
Marina Square Unit #02-20, Singapore 039596

Mr. Colen Kho

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Luxurious Modern Benefits of New Houses

What types of housings can offer Filipinos both the modern luxuries that other modern types of housings are known to offer, while offering them a very inexpensive deal to own a modern home?

Affordable Modern Housing There are many popular types of modern housings in the Philippines today that can offer a number of popular modern benefits for its residents. However, most of these types of housings are very expensive, such as condominiums and townhouses. But other than these types of housings, there have also been a number of new house and lot for sale Philippines that can offer the same benefits that those types of modern housings are known to offer, but for a fraction of a cost.

Luxurious Modern Benefits of New Houses
Benefits of its Location Most of these new houses are found not in residential districts but mostly around the outskirts of Metro Manila. But other than its location, these new house and lot for sale Philippines are also found in exclusive housing communities.

Because of its location as well as its exclusivity, these types of housings are known to offer an environment suitable for their modern needs such as the needs of their children private, safe, and wide open spaces as well as its luxurious surroundings which offers relaxation away from the city.

Luxuries of its Luxuries Other than condominiums and condominium complexes, these new housing communities are also known to offer their own collection of amenities which made these new houses even more popular and modern in the market. Like condominiums, these new housing communities can also offer amenities such as swimming pools, recreational parks, playgrounds, and sports complexes which residents can freely and exclusively enjoy.

Affordable Modern Homes Although its benefits are somewhat similar to condominium complexes, these new houses are still known for its affordability. However, compared to houses in residential districts, as well as apartment units, these new houses can now be bought and paid in installment, which made these new house and lot for sale Philippines even more popular among many Filipinos.

Because of these new houses, many Filipinos can finally have the chance to live in the same luxurious housing similar to that of condominiums and townhouses without having to invest hundreds of thousands of Pesos in one sitting.