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Startup Diaries: Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Mistakes in Managing Their Company

Photo by Annie Spratt
Mistakes are part of everyone's journey. You wouldn't be successful in what you do if you didn't have the opportunity to commit a few errors along the way. The same goes for managing a company. It's essential for an entrepreneur to go left or steer toward the wrong decision. Whether the business is on a lease term, in their creators' backyard, an abandoned warehouse or an office space for rent BGC, it doesn't matter. An enterprise's journey always shoots up and down.

If you're a budding entrepreneur or someone who dreams of having a business, you can learn a thing or two from the mistakes and misfortunes of others. You'll find that the experiences and struggles of those ahead of you can provide wisdom useful in managing your business and your life. In this first edition of Startup Diaries, you'll find a few successful and not-so-successful entrepreneurs share their encounters on starting a business and the mistakes they co…
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9 Selling Tactics to Offer Your Property for Sale

Selling products and services uses skills. Convincing people to patronize the item on your hands or the display behind your back requires you to be strategic. Convincing people to send their money especially when purchasing big-ticket items such as a house and lot, a condo unit or a vehicle in an auto center in Bonifacio High Street implies you have the guts and the mindset of a negotiator while remaining empathic. People are easy to dismiss people who offer things they can't afford, or they don't need. Therefore, you must play with their emotions and psyche to get them to accept the deal on the table.

A sale is one of the most exciting parts of real estate negotiation. Though it presents challenges and it pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone, you can find that you still have plenty of areas to improve yourself. For one, you can practice persuading people. You can also drabble into different types of marketing efforts to reach other interested parties in the marke…

Home Buying: Four Ways to Negotiate the Asking Price of a Residential Property

“House hunting is easy. It is the catching it part that is difficult”-Susan Gale
Finding your dream home can be difficult and just a tad bit exhausting. Indeed, it is no easy feat insomuch that when you do finally find it, you would want to secure it almost immediately. Unfortunately, your dream home comes at a price—an exorbitant one to be precise, so is a savvy homebuyer like you to do? You negotiate of course! After all, as a savvy homebuyer, you should know how to crunch the numbers and have an approximate amount of what they can offer for their dream house. In this regard, you should know when to negotiate the asking price as just because it is your dream home does not mean you should be sinking an exorbitant amount of money into it. In this regard, finding the right agent is crucial as he or she would be able to secure the right price for you. With a seasoned professional by your side coupled with intelligent tactics and strategies, that property that is just slight above wha…

10 Secrets of the HR: Things That Help You Keep Your Job

Every company has an HR Manager who will dictate your future. They screen the best applicants from the worst. They separate eligible candidates who are unlikely to make the cut. An office space for rent BGC is sure to have an HR department that will judge you based on the resume you sent them.

If you are one of the lucky ones who passed the screening, then congratulations! You are now in the advanced phase of your work experience - keeping the job. It's not enough to clock in and out on time. It's also necessary to get along with peers. The knows these but won't tell you. You can refer to this list to find out which helps you keep your job.

1. Don't talk about family Even if there are laws that prevent mothers from getting fired, you still want to watch out when talking about children or your plans for the future. Some bosses think that children affect your productivity. Mothers are most vulnerable to their position as they are expected to take care of kids and attend t…

Real Estate Investments: Three Telltale Signs a Home is Overpriced

“Never count on making a good sale. Have the purchase price be so attractive that even a mediocre sale gives good results.” –Warren Buffet
Price has undoubtedly been the most significant driving factor in successful sales—most particularly in real estate.
After all, as the saying goes: If the price is right, it sells overnight. If you price it wrong, it stays too long. In this regard, accurately pricing a home is a paramount consideration if home sellers wish to have the offers of prospective buyers come rolling in. As sellers would wish to make a quick sale at an exorbitant price, they can leverage the scenario into their favor by justifying hefty prices with last-minute cosmetic touches that are unnecessary. Unfortunately, some buyers who are not meticulous enough about their prospective purchases would be too enticed about the idea of finally owning a home that they would overlook the home’s overinflated price.
Indeed, while most sellers would almost always give you the best pos…

Moving Out: Five Things You Should Never Forget to Do Before Moving Day

“When it is time for you to venture out, do not let fear have you looking back at what you are leaving behind.”-Author Unknown

There has never been any doubt that moving homes can be one of the most stressful events in your life.

While the idea of having a new home to move into is certainly an aspect worth anticipating, the transition process would not exactly make for an event that you would look forward to. Apart from having years upon years-worth of belongings to pack and unload, you would require the services of a professional mover to ensure your moving day goes without a hitch. Moreover, hiring the services of a professional mover would make your move from your old home to your new one as seamless as possible.

If a scheduled move is coming up anytime soon--whether that may be to a unit in Park Central Towers or elsewhere--make the transition a little less crazy and more enjoyable by being prepared. Before moving day and on moving day itself, keep your sanity by planning ahead. H…

Comfortable Living: Three Important Things that Make A Neighborhood Great

“Earth is a small town with many neighborhoods in a very big universe.” -Ronald J. Garan Jr.

What does one look for in the search for a home?

Is it the home’s overall appeal? The size? Or the price tag?

In the myriad of aspects, you are expected to consider in your home search endeavor, some elements will be overlooked—and at times, these are the features that would prove to be the most important. One of them is the neighborhood or community where the said potential property is located. Regardless of whether you are buying to own real estate property or are in the market for a place to rent out, remember that one of the most paramount considerations is the prospective neighborhood you are potentially looking to live in.

After all, there is so much truth in the saying that when it comes to purchasing or renting a house, you are not just buying the property itself, but you are also buying into the community, and for this reason, you need to be a little thorough in your neighborhood insp…