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Here's What No One Tells You About Living In Fear

People avoid uncomfortable conversations.  No one talks about fear because it's considered taboo. Fear strips people of their identity and their hidden secrets. Each person's insecurities come to the surface until it haunts them and disrupts their living.

Suppressing these fears and running from them during your twenties will have an impact in the future. It helps to explore them and become aware of them as early as possible. Fears have different faces and disguise. Keeping your eyes open to these anxieties and concerns trains you to be stronger in the future.

The fear of being alone Of the fears that exist within ourselves, our fear of being alone skews our perspective of reality and blurs the truth on our real selves. Clinging to others for support isn't a weakness. However, refusing to leave them even when they aren't doing us any good fuels the fear. Though we are social beings, there's a fine line between sticking through the seasons and withstanding the test …
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4 Ways To Combat Self-Inflicted Stress

Everyone experiences stress one way or another.
It comes in different forms and manifests in profound ways. Still, some things remain true. A few stressors in the office are the person's doing.

Being closed-off from colleagues and remaining anti-social is a choice. The same is true with working in a serviced office Makati. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the effects of the choices they make.

It helps when the person is aware of their stress-inflicting actions. If you have a grasp of your daily habits or still learning from them, you can follow these four ways to strike them out of your system.

1. Brushing-off feedbacks
Closing yourself from feedbacks keeps you from having a growth mindset. Being unable to hear or receive the opinion or impression of others regarding your work ethic prevents you from reaching your potential.

You won't know if your performance sucks unless you open the topic to your boss and co-workers. It helps to be curious how people perceive you. That…

5 Ways to Keep Your Class in 2018

It's a wonderful time to cultivate new habits and improve your character.  If you committed blunders last year, then now is the time to reclaim your dignity. You can start by changing the practices you are used to the previous year. Replace them with new ones and rise above the mishap. These are the things you can't purchase at any store in Trinoma.

Refine your values and become a classy homeowner. You can start by ingraining these five rules to yourself.

1. Be on time. Filipinos have a knack for arriving an hour after the time on the invite. The practice of “Filipino Time” became prevalent expecting the program or party to start later than it must. Therefore, guests opt to delay their arrival to minimize their waiting time. Nobody wants to waste their time waiting, so practice coming on or before the scheduled program.

If you have a habit of running late, prepare your outfit and other stuff ahead of time. Gather the gifts, wrap them and place them near the door. If you're…

Abundance Mindset: Thinking Like A Winner

Mindset is a valuable tool to use in life. It can bring you to your path to success.  It can also help you weave your way through difficulties you encounter in life. The best part of mindset is the fact that everyone has one. Moreover, it is not permanent. It adapts and changes according to the seasons of life. 
A highly-competitive environment such as an office in BPI Philam is full of challenges and obstacles daily. Overbearing workload, nosy workmates, and stale environment can influence your mindset on a subconscious level. Thus, you may adopt an attitude that negatively impacts personal success.

The attitude you foster towards abundance and scarcity affects your decisions and outlook in life. Stephen Covey, the author of The 7 Habit of Highly-Successful People, stated two views on how you can view the world - Scarcity Mentality and the Abundance Mentality.
Scarcity Mentality
When you start to see the resources of the world are lacking or scarce, you begin to act towards that thinki…

Office Communication: Unspoken Rules of the Workplace

The workplace can be a magical place if you know how to play your cards right.
Though there are days when the workload is too much to handle or the people can get on your nerves, you will still look forward to productively ending your day.

No matter how comfortable you are in your office, there are rules not included in the handbook you need to follow. There are also expectations from your boss and peers they won't explicitly tell you. These nonverbal cues can be confusing if you're a newbie.

If you want to become a star or remain A+ in the eyes of your colleagues, here are the things to remember to improve your professionalism.
1. Become a stress-buster.
Choosing to be useful and productive in the office is one way to decrease the stress of your workmates. When you become a problem-solver instead of being an average and standard employee, you lessen the workload of your team. Moreover, you become a source of creative ideas and solutions.

Try not to be the source of stress fo…

The Big Sell: Boosting Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Each company has a goal for the New Year.
If you still don't have a goal this year, why not try living with less while getting the most results?

This year and age of technology make everything dependent on the Internet. This is especially prevalent in specific units in an organization. Take a firm in Ayala Land Offices for instance. Their sales and marketing team rely on apps and tools that help them organize their contacts, schedules, and targets.

However, depending on a bunch of apps can result in confusion and inefficiency between users. It can also become costly to purchase apps with the same functions. You can improve your sales and marketing teams without training them. Here are two ways to do them.

1. Rethink technology. Often, businesses and firms look for solutions on the Internet to tap into its vast library of apps. Sure, there are thousands of applications that cut the work in half and offer solutions to the problems in your daily process and organization. Thus, the c…

Super Entrepreneurs Make Mistakes Too

Business people who don an imaginary cape and seem like they have it all together also commit extreme mistakes. They are capable of placing everyone in the firm at risk, especially when they decide without consulting key persons.
Some decisions can cause the company to fail at particular projects while others can become the key to success. At the same time, their inherent traits can win them opportunities or result in the opposite.
If you embody a super entrepreneur, here are some mistakes you may be guilty of committing.
1. They take on the unknown. Venturing into the unknown is a what an individual ought to do. However, it doesn't apply to businesses and organizations. When entrepreneurs and leaders dive into turbulent waters without thinking of their subordinates and stakeholders, they run the risk of placing the company at stake.
Thus, top management and business people must seek help in matters out of their hands. Whether its an opportunity to grow the firm or undertake a pr…