Thursday, March 26, 2015

Living with Housemates? Tips On How To Get Along

“Sharing is fun.” That’s what most Filipinos would usually say. Yes. We might agree with that, since some people would even share their homes in an apartment Cebu with their friends and/or families. Well, perhaps being alone in your house can also be lonely at times.

While others would love to share their homes with the other people, for some, they would prefer being alone than being annoyed with their housemates. Understanding your housemate’s behavior can sometimes be challenging in our part, especially when you still really don’t know their personality.

Yes. Understanding his/her behavior might be a challenge, but it is also one of the factors that can make you and your housemate live harmoniously together in one house. And aside from understanding, here are some tips on how to get along with people who are also living with you.

 Establish ground rules

If you are a kind of person who have concerns about the things that must be done when inside the premises of the house, then it is better for you to set some rules within the house. Make a policy that you and your housemate can benefit from it.  You both include in the policy the things that you want to do and not, for you to be aware of your limitations.

When you establish ground rules in your house, make sure that is done with good will for you and for your housemate to have a better understanding and considerable agreement while living together.

Share the cleaning

It is just a norm for every person to clean if he/she is living inside the house. When you have a housemate, make sure that you both do the cleaning. Try to avoid letting one person clean the entire house. Divide the task with your housemates. And when diving the household chores, make sure that it is evenly divided, for as not to be unfair for the both of you.

Also, if your housemate needs some help, you have to help her/him even if it is their task. You should also be considerate when it comes to cleaning.

Be respectful

Respecting one another is a must to have a harmonious living. As a person, you have to be aware of the things and/or the actions that you have done to the person who is living with you. If he/she doesn’t like to be treated that way, then don’t do it.

Giving respect is not just by treating each other, it also applies when you have to borrow things from your housemate. If he or she doesn’t want to let you borrow that particular thing, then respect his or her decision, don’t force. Treat them with respect and they will also treat you back with respect.

Be honest

“Honesty is the best policy.” Indeed. If you are honest with your housemate, and them to you, there will be problems with the communication. When you are guilty of something for doing a thing that one might get mad, then you have to tell them honestly. It is better to tell them personally than letting them know it through the other people.

Being honest can sometimes hurt your ego, but for the sake of living together in the same house, you have to try your best to do what is right.

Avoid conflicts

If you what to live a peaceful and harmonious life with your housemates, as much as possible, try to avoid conflict between you and them. Do not interfere with their personal life when they don’t like to be bothered with it.

Understand and considerate are one of the keywords to avoid conflicts. You definitely don’t want to be in the fight with your housemates. And it is also such a hassle living with hatred, especially living together with that specific person. If you both have some misunderstandings, try to sort things out for as not to make the issue bigger later on.

These are just some tips that you can do to get along with your housemates. It is really up to you on how you control and address the situations.

5 Tips on How to Transform Your Room When on a Budget Tight

There will always be times when we feel like transforming our room into something that we want to look like. Whether you are living in a condo Cebu or any other properties, it feels nice to make some transformation of your room.

But there are also times when your budget is not enough to remodel your room to the way you wanted to be. Sometimes, we feel frustrated just by thinking that we can’t achieve and have our ideal room.

If you are a kind of person who wants to transform your room yet you don’t know how to create and improvise your room, then you can try to refer these tips on how you can creatively transform your room with just the right budget for you.

  1. Choose the right paint
Choosing the right color of your paint also matters. It can make your room look nicer when you also have a nice color painted on your wall. In selecting what paint color, make sure that you like the color that you choose for you not to regret it later on. You have to know how to balance the color of the paint for as not to look bad on your wall.

When you like the color, you will feel more satisfied than having a dull and lifeless color you have before. And if you are a kind of person who is color blind, you may want to ask some help from the paint expert on what color that can match each other and will also look good on your wall.

  1. Choose the right furniture
The elegance of your room also varies on how you choose the right furniture for your room. You have to know how to select nice and elegant furniture to look at. You also have to know how to match your furniture to the paintings of your wall whether it clashes or not.

And when you think that you don’t have the budget to buy a fancy furniture. You can always improvise it to the way you wanted. You can make an elegant furniture out of a junk wood pallet or anything that can be still of use for you. This is the time when your creative ideas and skills will be used to make and create a new and elegant furniture.

  1. Window treatments
Knowing how to decorate your window to make it look nice is a plus on your side. You have to know what curtains is more matched than the other and which doesn’t. Having and placing curtains on your window can also add up to the beauty of your room.

You also have to know how to choose the right curtain to match the entire room since there are different kinds and styles of curtains that you choose. And as much as possible, make sure that the curtains that you have chosen is elegant enough to look at on your window.

  1. Choose the right lighting
The right amount of light on your room will also give you a satisfying feeling. Try to balance the lighting for as not to have too much light or too dim. Choosing the right light bulb or a lamp shade also matters. Lights can also be one of your furniture in your room, so make sure that you choose the nice and elegant to look at.

A good lighting in your room can also help your eyes for as not to make it hurt. Since there are just times that too much light or even too dim can already hurt your eyes. When choosing the right lighting for  your room, make sure that it suits the entire room and also for you to  be satisfied with it.

  1. Accessorize your home
A nice and elegant room varies on how you decorate it creatively and properly. Your creativity on how you make and improvise things will matter. If you want to transform and decorate your house without any cost, then it is your call on to what you are going to do.

Improvise. There are actually a lot of things that you can do and transform it as one of your decoration on your wall and/or in your room. You can also refer DIY projects for you to have an idea on to how to transform your room.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ayala Land goes to Abu Dhabi!

We invite you to be among the first to uncover life elevated to the fullest in Quezon City's hub for energized living.

ayala land

Ayala Land goes to Middle East!

Be part of an exclusive preview of Avida Land's newest developments. Join us on March 28 at Al Ghurair Rayhaan Hotel Rotana, Dubai, UAE.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chandeliers: A Touch Of Elegance At Home

If you live in a real estate Cebu, you can experience the elegance of the place. You will know and feel that most people who are living in the condo or any real estate property has a standard way of living. Of course, you can be one of them too. Being elegant is not just applied to the classy people, it also applies to the place where it is made elegantly.

 There are more and more people who are shifting from a typical light bulb to the chandeliers. Perhaps, they know that they can add beauty to the place where they live. If you are a kind of person who also wants to have a chandelier hanging on the ceiling in your house, you can also buy it at an affordable rate. You can already have a nice and elegant made chandelier.

You might wonder, why choose chandelier when we can have the typical light bulb or a florescent light that can also produce light?! Yes. It may all produce light, but here are the reasons why having chandeliers can be an IN to your new house.

It adds more impact

There will always be somebody who will appreciate your chandelier whenever they visits your house. The chandeliers that you have hung in your ceiling can definitely grab your visitor’s attention since it is noticeable in the eyes of the visitors. It became the center of attention of your house, especially when there are people who will visit your house.

The uniqueness of the design, the elegant glow is one of the factors that gives an impact to the people who visits your place. Or even you, you will be amazed how the chandelier really gives impact to the people.

It adds beauty to your home

Chandeliers does not only add impact to the people who notices it, but it also adds beauty to the place where you live. If you have a chandelier hung inside your house, it will cooperate with the decorations. You also don’t have to worry when matching the chandelier with the furnitures inside your house since there are a lot of designs you can choose for your home.

Can fit in with different styles and designs

There are actually a lot of designs chandeliers have. You can choose whatever design you want for your house. There are also different sizes to choose one for you to have the chandelier to also fit to the size of your house. If you want to have a big one, you can also have it for as long as you can be satisfied with the size and the design of it.

If you are a kind of person who wants to match things in your house, then you can also have the kind of design that is best fitted in your house.

You can be proud to have it in your house

Decorating your house can also be demanding. Thinking where to put your lights so as not to look bad inside the house, and to what kind of light are you going to use for your kitchen, living room, your bedroom or any other rooms that you may want to put up the chandelier are most of the common questions asked when putting up the light.

When you have the chandelier, you will not be worried about whatever things that you are worried about since whatever and wherever you want to put the chandelier inside the house, it will definitely will look elegant. You will also want to invite your friends and/or relatives to come over to your house because you know that you have a thing that you can flaunt to them and can also be proud of.

There may be some of you think that having chandeliers is just being fancy, but if you are a kind of person who gives importance to the things even though it is just a furniture to your house, then they will give a lot of effort for them to achieve their desired decorations inside their house.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Types of Sofa Chairs for Living Rooms

The most common part of the house is the living room, agree? Living room is the place where our families, relatives and friends are usually gathered especially when there is an occasion on your house. Whether you are living in a condo Cebu or any other properties, living room will always be the place for everyone that comes and visits your place.

Of course, if your families or friends will visit you, you won’t let them sit in a rusty and ugly chair. You definitely let them sit in a nice and comfortable sofa chair where they will also feel comfortable while sitting on it.

There are actually different kinds of sofa chairs that you can choose from. You can have a sofa chair and make it as one of your treasured furniture in the house. Choosing the right sofa chair for you also varies the lifestyle that you have. Some people says, sofa chairs can also be a reflection of who and what you are.

If you think that the designs or the styles of the sofa chair are all the same, then you are wrong in that. Here are some of the styles or kinds of sofa chairs that you may also like to have in your living room.

Chesterfield sofa
This kind of sofa design is mostly used by your grandparents or your relatives that are already elderly that are used in using antique style of designs.  Chesterfield is usually made or it is known for quilt and/or tuft style. Even though it looks like an antique sofa chair but it is still popular in most of the people who love to have Chesterfield in their living room.

Lawson-style Sofa
Lawson-style sofa is one of the most soft and comfortable sofa chairs. It is usually made of cushion for you to have a comfortable sofa to sit on. If you are a kind of person who really wants comfort while sitting in their living room, you can have a Lawson-style of sofa. It will surely suit your likes and you will also love to have it in your living room.

Also, this kind of sofa is one of the most popular sofa chairs today since it is known to give comfort to the people when they sit on it. It also has small or throw pillows at the back to make it more comfortable for you and your families and friends.

English Sofa

English sofa is a kind of sofa where it is usually made with upholstery yet decently cushioned all over. It has also an arm that is also comfortable enough for you to rest. Itis made with low resting arms with a high resting on the back so you will feel comfortable all over when sitting on it.

Chaise Lounge sofa

Chaise lounge sofa is a kind of sofa where it is extremely popular as a patio furniture item typically found poolside. It has also an arm where you can also rest and be comfortable on it. There are also people who prefer chaise lounge sofa with no arms. Well, it is also their choice of having it with no arm to rest.


Basically, daybed has no back rest. It has only arms in both sides. Daybed is usually used as for sleeping at day time or when you just need a quick nap. You can also use it for your feet to rest. It is also comfortable sleeping or sitting on it.

Sofa bed

Sofa bed is one of the most common sofas today. Especially when you have a small living room in your apartment, sofa bed will help you save some spaces on your house. it is also convenient having it since it is a folding sofa where you will just have to fold or unfold it when you need a bed or a sofa.
These are just some of the designs sofa has. Always remember that it doesn’t matter what kind of chair that you have in your living room for as long as you are comfortable having and sitting on it.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

7 Living Room Themes you'll Surely Want to Have

Living room in Alveo condo Cebu or any other property is a place where families and friends got to bond together. A place where we all chat about how we cope up in our daily lives, it is also a place where we find comfort and a place where we belong. It is also a place where we gather as a family to watch a movie and another sort of things that make the family closer together.

Most of us, if not all, spend our time doing things in the living room. We do our assignments in school or any other things that we need to finish. Sometimes, we even sleep in our living room especially when our friends sleepovers in our house. Living room is the place where we usually think of when we want to do something.

And if you are a person who wishes to have a wonderful theme, you can have these themes applied to your living rooms.

Minimal themed living room

If you are a person who just doesn't want to have a lot of things in their living room, you can have the minimal themed living room where the only things you see in it are the things that are useful to the owner. The living room is just too simple where you can only see the sofa chair, the TV set and/or a center table.

Elegant themed living room

If you are a kind of person who is used to have elegant lifestyles, you can also have your living room decorated elegantly. You can have a fancy sofa chair and/or other furniture that will add and make your living room look elegant. Having an elegant theme living room can also depict modernity in our era.

Dark themed living room

If you are a kind of person who wants to have a dark color in their living room, you can have a dark theme living room where most of the colors are dark. Well, that saves the things and the place being dirty immediately.

Asian themed living room

If you are an Asian or just want to have an Asian theme in their living room, you can transform your living room into an Asian-themed living room. You can have some wall decorations where it depicts Asian countries and/or their cultures. Having an Asian themed living room can also make us feel relax while staying at our house.

Wall art themed living room

If you are a kind of person who loves to have an artwork placed in their living room, you can now have a wall art themed living room. You can place your favorite artworks in the walls of your living room or you can have it painted the way you wanted to have.

Purple themed living room

Purple themed living room is applicable to the people who love purple or violet color. They also want to have purple not just in their things but also the color of their living rooms. Perhaps, they just can't get enough with the purple color. Just make sure that the colors of the things or furniture are just right and can be paired with a purple theme of your living room.

Pink themed living room
If you are a person who just love pink and want to have a pink theme living room, you can also have it. You can have pink as the main color of your living room and adding some color that will also match the pink color can also make your living room look nice. Also, just make sure that the pink color that you have chosen is not painful to the eyes.