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Living with Housemates? Tips On How To Get Along

“Sharing is fun.” That’s what most Filipinos would usually say. Yes. We might agree with that, since some people would even share their homes in an apartment Cebu with their friends and/or families. Well, perhaps being alone in your house can also be lonely at times.
While others would love to share their homes with the other people, for some, they would prefer being alone than being annoyed with their housemates. Understanding your housemate’s behavior can sometimes be challenging in our part, especially when you still really don’t know their personality.
Yes. Understanding his/her behavior might be a challenge, but it is also one of the factors that can make you and your housemate live harmoniously together in one house. And aside from understanding, here are some tips on how to get along with people who are also living with you.
Establish ground rules
If you are a kind of person who have concerns about the things that must be done when inside the premises of the house, then it is bette…

5 Tips on How to Transform Your Room When on a Budget Tight

There will always be times when we feel like transforming our room into something that we want to look like. Whether you are living in a condo Cebuor any other properties, it feels nice to make some transformation of your room.

But there are also times when your budget is not enough to remodel your room to the way you wanted to be. Sometimes, we feel frustrated just by thinking that we can’t achieve and have our ideal room.
If you are a kind of person who wants to transform your room yet you don’t know how to create and improvise your room, then you can try to refer these tips on how you can creatively transform your room with just the right budget for you.
Choose the right paintChoosing the right color of your paint also matters. It can make your room look nicer when you also have a nice color painted on your wall. In selecting what paint color, make sure that you like the color that you choose for you not to regret it later on. You have to know how to balance the color of the pai…

Ayala Land goes to Abu Dhabi!

We invite you to be among the first to uncover life elevated to the fullest in Quezon City's hub for energized living.

Ayala Land goes to Middle East!

Be part of an exclusive preview of Avida Land's newest developments. Join us on March 28 at Al Ghurair Rayhaan Hotel Rotana, Dubai, UAE.

Chandeliers: A Touch Of Elegance At Home

If you live in a real estate Cebu, you can experience the elegance of the place. You will know and feel that most people who are living in the condo or any real estate property has a standard way of living. Of course, you can be one of them too. Being elegant is not just applied to the classy people, it also applies to the place where it is made elegantly.

 There are more and more people who are shifting from a typical light bulb to the chandeliers. Perhaps, they know that they can add beauty to the place where they live. If you are a kind of person who also wants to have a chandelier hanging on the ceiling in your house, you can also buy it at an affordable rate. You can already have a nice and elegant made chandelier.
You might wonder, why choose chandelier when we can have the typical light bulb or a florescent light that can also produce light?! Yes. It may all produce light, but here are the reasons why having chandeliers can be an IN to your new house.
It adds more impact
There will…

Types of Sofa Chairs for Living Rooms

The most common part of the house is the living room, agree? Living room is the place where our families, relatives and friends are usually gathered especially when there is an occasion on your house. Whether you are living in a condo Cebu or any other properties, living room will always be the place for everyone that comes and visits your place.
Of course, if your families or friends will visit you, you won’t let them sit in a rusty and ugly chair. You definitely let them sit in a nice and comfortable sofa chair where they will also feel comfortable while sitting on it.
There are actually different kinds of sofa chairs that you can choose from. You can have a sofa chair and make it as one of your treasured furniture in the house. Choosing the right sofa chair for you also varies the lifestyle that you have. Some people says, sofa chairs can also be a reflection of who and what you are.
If you think that the designs or the styles of the sofa chair are all the same, then you are wrong in …

7 Living Room Themes you'll Surely Want to Have

Living room in Alveo condo Cebu or any other property is a place where families and friends got to bond together. A place where we all chat about how we cope up in our daily lives, it is also a place where we find comfort and a place where we belong. It is also a place where we gather as a family to watch a movie and another sort of things that make the family closer together.
Most of us, if not all, spend our time doing things in the living room. We do our assignments in school or any other things that we need to finish. Sometimes, we even sleep in our living room especially when our friends sleepovers in our house. Living room is the place where we usually think of when we want to do something.
And if you are a person who wishes to have a wonderful theme, you can have these themes applied to your living rooms.
Minimal themed living room

If you are a person who just doesn't want to have a lot of things in their living room, you can have the minimal themed living room where the on…

Ayala Land goes to Singapore!