Thursday, January 26, 2017

Main types of Condo Units Fit for City Lifestyle

You finally get to live independently and find your personal quarters. The next issue you must settle is the kind of space you wish to get.

There are a lot of condo in Manila that caters to almost every need by individuals, families, and couples and if you look well, the best residence might just be around the neighborhood. For starters, here are the major types of condo units that may make it to your cut.

Studio type

This type is considered to be the most basic type of condominium and is recommended for individuals or couples who might fancy a minimalist interior. It's composed of the most fundamental part of a home quarter such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a small living room area. Other units have partition walls separating the kitchen from the rest while some don't.

Best for: One or two people

Not Recommended for: Families with more than three members

Tip: When choosing a studio type, be sure to verify if there is a kitchen or even a balcony that you can use for extra space. Some units don't.

One to three-bedroom units

This one is bigger than the studio type and has partition walls that separate one bedroom to the next. Depending on the design, land owners could choose to install bunk beds rather than single bed per room. Also, some generous condo sellers install two small bathroom units given that more than two residents are likely to occupy the space.

Best for: Small families (3 – 5 members) and couples

Not recommended: For bigger families (with more than five members or big kids)

Tip: It's easy to mistake a studio type condo with this one, so it's important to do an ocular inspection of the space before agreeing to any deal. Some owners just set up a partition wall to create an illusion of two bedroom style unit but are in reality just a studio type.

Loft type

If you fancy the idea of having some 'higher ground' or a second floor to your living quarters, then loft might be a right choice. It's characterized by a relatively decent space enough for moving around and a high ceiling (which is exactly why there's enough room for a second floor). You get to use the stairs to climb your bed.

Take note that the bed is not necessarily enclose in a separate room so you basically can see it from the view below or vice versa. It can be convenient especially if you like heights but don't like enclosed space.

Best for: Individuals or couples who like the setup

Not recommended for: elders, couples with kids, people with issues about heights, anyone with problems climbing stairs.

Tip: Lofts are considered modern and-and classy in design. It might be an excellent choice for adults who wish to reside on the unit with a colleague at work so as to divide the expenses.


This one is located at the topmost floor of a condominium and is the most expensive unit of all. It mostly occupies the entire floor and is equipped with high-end facilities and furniture to provide all the needs of the occupant. Some units even have a private pool and a music room.

Best for: Businessmen who are planning to stay in the area for a particular period, medium to big families who can afford the high cost

Not recommended for: Small families (as the space might be too big and impractical), individual tenant and couple

Tip: If you pay high regard to privacy, comfort, and space, a penthouse might be the best choice.

All of these types have their set of advantages and disadvantages. Learn to weigh them all according to your personal needs and be ready to secure your spot.