Friday, November 25, 2016

For Homesellers: What to Avoid When Selling A Property

Being a real estate agent can also be one of the biggest breaks when you sell houses that would also cost millions worth of cash. Yes. There are properties such as the Park Point Residences that are expensive to have and live. Of course, it will be a good and satisfying lifestyle when you lived in that particular place. Well, that if they are lucky enough to have a good buyer who is on the go to buy it.

Well, it doesn't mean that that real estate agent is already not good enough in the real estate industry, there are just some things that they need to avoid to have a smooth and successful real estate transaction or deal with their clients. Now here are the things that a real estate agent must avoid, especially when dealing with a client.

Rushing into the market

Do not rush things and find an immediate buyer when you have decided to sell your house. You do not know; there are still a lot of potential buyers that are willing to buy your house in a higher amount than the other buyers.

If you think that you need to have a buyer asap, then you can still scout buyers who are still willing to have the price that you are offering for your house. You have to make sure that the buyer is willing to pay that particular amount than the other, then decide whether to choose him/her.

Hiring the wrong agent

Yes. There are also agents that you cannot trust when it comes to selling your house. They just don't have enough knowledge to deal that particular matter. Even though you think that that broker has enough knowledge, yet is not trustworthy enough to handle a real estate transaction, then you have to think twice before hiring one.

If you have a good agent, you will have a smooth business deal with the broker and the client. And especially when dealing with money matters, you also have to be very careful when it comes to it for as not to have some problems later on.

Not showing your property in its best light

One of the things that can add beauty to the house is the light. Whether if it is a natural light or not. You have to make sure that there will be enough light in the premises of the house. When there is a good lighting in the house, the client will appreciate it since they can see the beauty of the place.

If you want to let your client see the beauty of the house when it is dark, especially when the house is overlooking the city, then you have to let them see the house during the night. But if the client wants to have a clear view of the house, you can let them see the house during the day. It is best to let your client see the beauty of the house when it is morning for as not to have too much lighting in the afternoon.

Not being willing to negotiate

If you are the owner of the house, you have to learn to accept negotiations from your clients, especially when dealing with money, since there will always be some negotiation when it comes to that matter.

Don't be complacent on the things that there are still a lot of people who want to buy a house, but if you think that the price that the client want to have, and it is still fit on your standard of your price, then you have to sell it. It is better than nobody will buy your house at all.

Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Make the Best of Bad Neighbors

If there's one thing that frustrates us the most, that would be having a bad neighbor. Nobody wants to get tangled with neighbors who are not that approachable towards us. However, whether you like it or not, we just can't avoid meeting or encountering these people in our community. It does not matter if you live in a condo in Taguig or any real estate property in the Philippines, you should know how to make the best out of your bad neighbors.

Before you decide anything, you have to make sure to get to know them. It is in this way where you will know what and what not to do the moment you approach them. The worst that could happen is that they would be uncooperative, but at least you conveyed your issues. The ball would be now in their court in addressing your complaint. If you have a bad neighbor (or think you might be one), consider the steps below in dealing with them.

Ignore it

This is probably one of the most important piece of advice you should consider. As much as possible, if you think that these people don't bring good on you, then you have to ignore them. Of course, it would only make situation worst if you go with the flow. Not to mention if you also get irritated and approach them in the wrong way. As much as possible, try to remind yourself that it there is no good in dealing nonsense things. So, you better cool down and ignore them.

Moreover, one thing is for sure; you do not want to live a life that is full of people who tend to mess up people's lives. That means, if you want to live a happy and peaceful life, you should ignore and let it slide.

Bring it up

If you think that you can't tolerate a particular issue, then you have to bring the topic up – of course, you also have to do it in the right and approachable way. The moment you decide to settle with your bad neighbor, make sure that you are not in a bad mood. This is to prevent any heated arguments later on. And another thing, before you go back to your respected homes, make sure you already settled with your neighbor. There should be a clear understanding of the issue.

See if anyone else will side with you

If talking with your neighbor won't work, then you try seeking some help from your other neighbors. Perhaps, they can help you with the solution on how to deal with that particular neighbor. Moreover, talk with them about the problem and see if they can lessen the tense of the situation. However, if your neighbor is experiencing the same situation as you are, they may be more than willing to assist you in resolving it.

Report it

If ignoring and settling the issue between your neighbor won't work, then it is best for you to report it. Just make sure you are calm for as to achieve the things you want to happen. Reporting your neighbors should be your last option, especially for major situations. Moreover, try looking for a neutral third party or a friendly neighbor who is not involved in the issue in any way and have them assist you in dealing with your concern.

Dealing with bad neighbors may be a hassle thing to handle. Of course, who would want to ruin a good relationship between you and your neighbors, right? However, if things come to worst, you should know what and what not to do when it comes to dealing with them.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Easy and Affordable Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary

Hands up if you are one of those people who take hours to go out of their bathroom! Of course, who can resist the cold or hot shower, right? But sad to say, not all of us can experience such pleasure since we do not have the same bathroom style. But just because of our bathrooms are different, that does not mean you can't have yours too.

Whether you are living in a bungalow-type house, condo in Mandaluyong or any real estate property in the Philippines, you can transform your ordinary bathroom into a sanctuary? To give you an idea, we list down some easy and affordable ways on how to achieve such bathroom at home.

Floral arrangement

Having some plants or flowers on your bathroom is one thing you can do to liven up your space. Considering its freshness, you definitely would want to have it in your bathroom. Also, complete your floral arrangement with lime slices. It is one of the most affordable ways to refresh its air.

Vertical garden

Who says you can only display some greenery on your kitchen or living room? Of course, you can place a vertical garden to add some beauty to space. A hanging wall planter is ideal for small space bathrooms and a contemporary version made from recycled plastics. The decision of it would depend on how you want it to look like. So, you have to be creative enough when it comes to its designs.

Teacup Candle

Sometimes, the ambiance of a bathroom would be complete when there are no any candles at all. Of course, you have to choose candles that are stylish enough to use and display in your bathroom. Perhaps, you can have a teacup candle placed on the side of your counter. Candles do not just give you the right vibe, but it would also give you the proper decoration for your bathroom.

Watercolor painting

Another way to decorate your bathroom is to hang a painting. Perhaps, you can have a beach painting since it brings a relaxing and calming vibe on it. However, if you want something different, you just have to make sure that the picture can give you something that would help sooth your mood.

Oyster shell catch-alls

Admittedly, one of the most frustrating things one can experience is that we do not have something where we can put our jewelry. Of course, you don't want to lose your value things, right? However, if you just have something that can hold your jewelry such as the oyster shell, then it would be a great thing to have. You can buy oyster shells at any flea market. And of course, you can have an alternative way to put your valuable things.

Makeup brush holder

If you are a fun of having makeup brushes, then make sure you have something that can hold them. Instead of putting your makeup brushes in a drawer, why don't you display it? Of course, it does not just add beauty to your bathroom, but it would also be a convenient way to look after your brushes. You don't have to worry about where to put them since you have a holder placed in the bathroom. And of course, it is also a creative way to display it in a makeup brush holder.

Bath caddy

For those who have bathtubs at home, having a shower caddy is helpful. You can use it whenever you want to read a book or drink some wine while sinking yourself on the tub. There are a lot of bath caddy styles you can choose from – it is up to you to choose what's best for you.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Home Inspection Checklist: Things to Inspect Before Moving In

Moving into your new home is one of the most exciting days a homeowner can have. It can even be an overwhelming experience sometimes. But did you know that real estate experts advise inspecting your soon-to-be-home before you move in? Regardless of the property you chose, be it in Ayala Cebu or any real estate in the Philippines, homeowners should and must consider home inspection. To give you an idea, we list down some things you should inspect and double check.


Checking whether the foundation of the house is durable or not, is not that hard as you think it is. All you have to do is make sure that the base of the walls and the ceilings in each room do not have any cracks or holes. But if you are not sure about it, you need to seek help from the experts to check and fix any particular problem. It is in this way where you can ensure you are safe in times of earthquakes and other natural disasters.


Inspecting the lot is as important as the others. Check whether the drainage appears to be away from your soon-to-be-home or not. And even check the areas if it is soggy or not. This way, you will know whether the property is safe enough for you to live.


If you do not want to have a leak on your roof, then you better inspect it before you move in. You should also make sure to ask the previous owners about when was the last time the roof was replaced.


Do not just inspect the interior of the house, but also with its exterior. Make sure that there are no ruined paints and other damages. Also, check whether there are any dangling wires or any loose boards – make sure they are properly fixed.


If the property you chose has an attic, then don't skip to inspect it as well. Make sure that its interior is without any damages or leaks. Also, try to check if there are any way where air can get it. This is to ensure that the place would not be suffocating enough to get in.

Interior evidence of leaks

Again, if you are not sure about how to fix leaks, then you should seek help from the experts. They will be the one to inspect your soon-to-be home if there are any leaks or not. This is also one way to ensure that you will not have any problems with it later on.


This is also one of the places at home where you should inspect. Make sure that the basement is not damp and not creepy enough to visit. Also, make sure that the area has an adequate insulation to ensure that you will not be suffocated whenever you get inside.


Make sure that all of the electrical wiring of the property is properly fixed. Check if there are any obvious malfunctions, whether the switches are working or not, and even check if the outlets are grounded. In this way, you will ensure that there will be no accidents caused by these damaged wiring.


If your faucet is not working, then there might be something wrong with the pipes. Make sure that you check if there are anything that makes the pipes clog which causes the faucet not to work.

Generally, inspecting your soon-to-be home is not that hard as you think it is. Again, if it is your first time with the home inspection, you need to seek help from the experts. This is to ensure that every single detail or structure at home is properly checked. Also, you can also feel safe living in your dream home.

6 Easy Steps to Fix Your Kitchen Faucet

Whether you realize it or not, you don't have to call an expert whenever you see a minor damage at home. This will definitely cost you a lot even if you can fix it on your own. Let's take your kitchen faucet, for example, if you have just the basic knowledge about it, then you can fix such without calling for any help. Whether you are living in Ayala Premier Taguig or any real estate in the Philippines, there is no reason for you not to know the basic tricks on how to fix your kitchen faucet. Below, we list down easy steps on how you can fix it without any hassles at all.

1. Remove the sink makes (most) everything better

Before you start with the repair, it is better for you to remove the sink first. In this way, it would be easier for you to reach and fix the pipe or anything that needs to be fixed. Moreover, this will make the fixing done in a faster and convenient way as possible.

2. Shut off the water main

You definitely don't want the water to splash all over you and on the kitchen, right? That only means you have to shut off the water supply to make sure there will be no water wasted during the repair. Moreover, this is also one way to conserve water and energy at home.

3. Replace supply lines too

If you think that the problem why your kitchen faucet is not functioning, then it is better for you to replace the supply lines too. Perhaps, the supply lines are damaged and can't pump up water in the faucet. And most importantly, make sure that the supply lines are correctly installed to ensure that it would work.

4. Ease the edge with cat litter

Generally, fixing your kitchen faucet may require you a lot of effort. That means, to make sure you will not hurt yourself or have some bruises, then you can use a bag of kitty litter to lean on. It is in this way where it would be convenient for you to work with the repairs.  However, if you do not have any kitty litter, then you can have a bag of laundry, pillows, bagged sand, or anything relatively soft that is as high as the floor of your kitchen base cabinet will do.

5. Use this cheap "Miracle too" to get to those basin nuts

Cramming your fingers into the tight space of basin nuts is not that simple as you think it is. Instead of making your life harder, you can definitely use the basin wrench. However, if you do not have such tool, you can buy them at an affordable price.  Generally, bottom-mounted faucets are connected above the sink, while the top-mounted faucets are secured on the bottom and have a base plate. That means it does not matter whether you pulled the sink out or not, the process is still the same.

6. Clean countertop

Of course, once the repair is done, you should clean your countertop. This is to ensure that there will be no toxic chemicals, or any elements risky to our health. Moreover, you can also use cleaning materials and detergent to make sure that the countertops are properly cleaned.

Fixing your kitchen faucet is not that hard as you think it is. For as long as you know what and what not to do when it comes to the repairs, then it you can definitely fix it on your own.