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8 Qualities of a Potential Candidate

It is difficult to spot a great employee by merely looking at them in the eye. Potential candidates mix with the crowd along with average employees. If you want the best and the brightest, you must look beyond the current crowd to find the one that fits your culture and organization.

Several unemployed people are confident in their skills, but lacks the attributes and qualities that make them an excellent fit for an organization. As a hiring manager, you must identify which matters to the company. Knowing which traits are valuable to the organization improves the recruitment process.

You can use the traits below as a guide to identify if the applicant is a potential candidate. These traits are proven and tested by several companies near Ayala Triangle with years of experience in hiring employees.
1. Good Work Ethic A strong work ethic enables a person to push themselves to improve their skills or finish their tasks on time. Candidates with this trait have good working habits. They ar…

Urban Living: The Five Perks of City Living

“A city grows like an organism. It is a structure of living and working together—a mix of functions.” Jamie Lerner

Location is one of the crucial aspects an individual would look into when choosing to settle down. For some, choosing where to live is of paramount concern as it plays a pivotal role on the type of lifestyle you would soon lead. While this might be something that escapes the notice of many people,
how much you save, the kind of work you would do and where your children would eventually study are all hinged on where you have elected to billet your family. Moreover, your ease of convenience depends largely on where your location is. However, an ideal neighborhood can mean various things to different individuals.
For some, an ideal settlement would be one situated in proximity to good schools and universities, and for others, it might mean a suburban life outside city parameters. But if convenience and accessibility are two of your primary concerns, then you would know that …

7 Ways the HR Team Can Help Staff With Shifting Schedule

Shifting schedules not only increases overall company productivity. It also maximizes company profit and resources. However, rotating the shifts of existing employee schedule is not an easy adjustment to the staff. If their body clock is used to a daily morning routine, their bodies would not be happy to accept a night shift.

Most of the adjustment comes from the staff, but they can only do so much. Management can offer support to employees who need to report at odd working hours at 6750 Ayala Avenue office. As part of HR and management, here are ten tips to help staff adjust to their new schedule.

1. Make night schedules predictable. 
As much as possible, don't allow an employee or the staff to receive night shifts consecutively. Night schedules can be on the first week and third week or the second and fourth week of the month. It can also be once a week. Once the schedule of each employee is set, ensure to plot in the calendar or employee to list to take note of the frequency o…

If You Think You Are Getting Fired, You Are Right

The HR Manager or staff may not tell you, but your work or lifeline in the company may be at risk. They won't inform you, but the actions may reveal you are getting fired. If you wish to avoid a pink slip or know what is coming, check these ten signs. These signs tell you when it's time to consider a co working space Manila.

1. Your workload is smaller than ever. You're on a high-level assignment, but they took away all the other tasks you used to manage. It's a company tactic for you to focus on one responsibility. You begin to have more time than your peers because you only have one task to manage.

Less work means you're under observation. Everyone may be taking extra assignments because of the work you're about to leave behind.

2. You feel undervalued. When you aren't part of meetings, don't receive copies of documents vital to your department or team, and don't receive a straight answer whenever something is up, then you must watch out. These are…

Organized Homes: Five Rules in Decluttering a Kid’s Room and Keeping It Organized—Forever!

“Children make love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller and a home happier”-Author Unknown
Kids are great.
They bring laughter to any home and are a job to be around. Their rooms, however, would be another story. In fact, if there is one room in the house that you wish you could never see again, it would probably be their room. Unfortunately, as with most little tots, children have a unique affinity for clutter and a disorganized mess. It seems that whenever you walk into their rooms, it would be in a perpetual state of disarray. With books, toys, clothes and art supplies strewn all over, their room would often bear the resemblance of a war zone. However, while clutter in a kid’s room is to ne expected—natural even, it can be potentially disastrous. To some, a small toy on the floor might seem like an insignificant piece of clutter one can overlook, but it can possibly translate into a broken arm or leg for your kids or anyone who might step on it and slip…

10 Signs of Workplace Bullying

Bullying in the workplace is harassment.

Photo by rawpixel

These actions may be verbal or non-verbal. A few examples are name calling, offensive jokes, slurs, intimidation, insults, ridicule, physical assault, and threats. Workplace harassment doesn't only include sexual themes. It also encompasses bullying between the same gender and various sexual orientation.

The harasser can be a boss, supervisor in a different team or department, a colleague or a non-employee. It can happen during the job interview or during the daily workflow in a co working space Manila. It can happen anytime, so be aware of the circumstances.

See below to check for signs of bullying in the workplace.

1. Asking for specific information during the job interview
A job interview must only specify the job requirement and duties. Thus, the interviewer or the officer must just ask questions concerning the job. Irrelevant questions such as information on your race, gender, religion, marital status, and other person…

Transform Your Office To A Place That Makes You Stay

Staying in the office translates to one thing - stress.

Photo by rawpixel
The workload, deadline, and the demands of the job can take the life of every individual each day. If you're in a highly competitive corporate environment, the day will make you forward to home, curl in bed or binge-watch an entire season of Friends. Unfortunately, adults don’t roll like that (most specifically the professionals). They learned that the hustle and bustle will always be part of life through the years of grinding.

Even if you aren’t in the high ranks or at the top spot, you must consider yourself a professional. It doesn't matter if you're dealing with clients over coffee at 6750 Ayala or tracking fast-moving consumer goods. It is now part of your life to look forward to your day at the office. That way, you will be excited about new things you can discover. The solution is a case-to-case basis, but there's an immediate solution to change your perspective.

Revamp Your Workplace It’s t…

A 5-Step Office Organization Philosophy To Increase Profit

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash
Though profit isn't a guarantee in any enterprise, a company aiming for productivity and efficiency will surely win. A well-organized office space produces a safe, efficient, and productive workflow. A safe working environment promotes safety hazard and healthy working conditions minimizing the risk of being on taking jobs at Cloverleaf offices. Meanwhile, an efficient and productive workflow reduces production or manufacturing costs. It helps companies maximize their profit and increase worker satisfaction.

The 5S philosophy promises to deliver these benefits. It encourages firms to organize for efficiency and undertake lean production process visually. When the goal of the company is to trim cut down the unnecessary steps in production, it can conduct the just-in-time manufacturing. Before a firm can adhere to just-in-time manufacturing, it must first establish an environment focused on improvement. All of it boils down to the concept of 5S.

To incr…

10 Activities for a Happy Hump Day

The middle of the week is both heaven and hell at the same time.

You can't deny that you count the days until the weekend especially when payday is on a Friday. You feel as if the days take longer than they should and all you want is to hurry home. Work becomes a pain you can't shake off. Your life shouldn't be that way! You can take control of your mood in the workplace even when your to-do list is overflowing.

Including activities after hours transforms your Wednesday into a fantastic hump day. These activities don't have to be grand. It can be as simple as splurging your hard earned money on shops at Vertis North or watching the sundown at your building's rooftop. You can check the list below for a variety of activities to end your hump day on a good note.

1. Indoor camping Sleep deprived? Most people are hustling during the weekend lack sleep. Switching from their day job to their freelancing tasks and passion projects leaves them drained. The only time they ca…

Empowering Yourself in the Workplace (V 2.0)

Heading to your house and lot or condo unit after a grueling day at work is like entering paradise. 

Photo taken by Vance Osterhout
You are far from your nosy workmates, a grumpy boss, and demeaning colleagues. Most of all, you are away from your endless tasks and to-do lists. Even if you enjoy your job at an Arca South office, there are days when you feel like you have no control of the situation at work. Your stats are failing, and you start to question each decision you make. To help you get back on track, here are some ways to gain your confidence and power through your inner struggle.

1. Depend on nobody. There will still be moments when you have to finish a task on your own even if you are part of a supportive group of talents or encouraging colleagues. Not learning to accomplish these activities on your own won’t help you in the long run. There’s a tendency that you will rely on others to finish simple assignments.

At the same time, try not to give in to the power of asking for…

The Big Sell: Undertaking the Best Sales Strategy

Customers prefer to spend their money on products and services they trust. They are also willing to pay for things they need. There are hundreds of products and establishments already offer whatever they need, so it is difficult for newcomers to penetrate the market. Thus, companies and small businesses rely on their marketing department and salespeople to come up with techniques that will boost their sales.

Several firms experiment to find the strategy that would help them sell. Companies near PSE BGC have secrets in their trade they aren't willing to share. Tapping on the need of the consumers is just the beginning of forming your sale process. Other things come after providing their necessities which you will discover when you engage with your customers through these sale strategies.

1. Promote consumption A man once had an idea on how to successfully increase the sale of toothpaste in the market. He suggested making the hole bigger. Increasing the diameter from 5mm to 6mm will …

The Perfect Home For You

The house and lot that works for you are different from the type of home you wish to build your family. Your taste in your twenties is different from what you look forward to in your thirties. Most of all, your pocket can afford more with what you earn after years of service than what you gain now.

The perfect home is different for each. It varies based on experience, occupation, financial capability, and necessity. A condo in Pasig works for cosmopolitan individuals working at Ortigas CBD. In contrast to these, families would rather have affordable housing in Cagayan de Oro city as they prioritize sustainability above anything else.
It's essential to figure out the abode to live in to avoid wasting time on home searching. You can learn more about the different dwellings in the market by reading the list below. Keep in mind that the structure and definition may vary per country.

1. House A family house is a free-standing building on a block of land. Both the building and the piece…

A Dose of Workplace Anger is Healthy

Anger can stem from tiny annoyance to a full-fledged rage.  It's normal for anyone to feel a tinge of irritation while in the office. Workplace anger isn't harmful to the organization. However, it causes severe health implications. It raises blood pressure and increases the heart rate. It also affects the levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline. Being unable to express your anger can result in chronic anxiety, depression, hypertension and heart diseases.
Photo taken by Andre Hunter
Letting out angry feelings in an assertive manner is a healthy way to release the emotion. Being assertive doesn't translate to being pushy or demanding. It's respecting yourself and others while knowing and communicating your needs. It also part of performing the necessary steps to achieve those needs to deal with the rage.

Coping with anger is different for each person. Some people suppress the feeling while others convert or redirect it to everything around them. Suppression Containing the em…

A Few Nuggets from Fifty-somethings for the Twenties in their Life

The twenties is the entry to adulthood.
These years are where all the adulting stuff happens - getting your first job, paying taxes and bills, settling into your apartment, and going on dates. It is a period of experimentation to find one's self.

Photo by Josh Appel
The twenties is a time of youthful energy. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with wisdom. It's only the beginning of their first taste of the world. Thus, it best to learn from the experts. These fifteen nuggets from fiftysomethings shed light on what works and what doesn't in this game of life.

Damage is cumulative. Abusing your body and inflicting damage to it will send you back and forth to the doctor's office. Alcohol binging, overeating, experimenting with drugs, listening to music in high volumes, neglecting exercise, tanning are actions that will make you rethink your choices early in life.Inside every old person is a young person who'd like to get out. Some of them still have the stamina to matc…

Here's What No One Tells You About Living In Fear

People avoid uncomfortable conversations.  No one talks about fear because it's considered taboo. Fear strips people of their identity and their hidden secrets. Each person's insecurities come to the surface until it haunts them and disrupts their living.

Suppressing these fears and running from them during your twenties will have an impact in the future. It helps to explore them and become aware of them as early as possible. Fears have different faces and disguise. Keeping your eyes open to these anxieties and concerns trains you to be stronger in the future.

The fear of being alone Of the fears that exist within ourselves, our fear of being alone skews our perspective of reality and blurs the truth on our real selves. Clinging to others for support isn't a weakness. However, refusing to leave them even when they aren't doing us any good fuels the fear. Though we are social beings, there's a fine line between sticking through the seasons and withstanding the test …

4 Ways To Combat Self-Inflicted Stress

Everyone experiences stress one way or another.
It comes in different forms and manifests in profound ways. Still, some things remain true. A few stressors in the office are the person's doing.

Being closed-off from colleagues and remaining anti-social is a choice. The same is true with working in a serviced office Makati. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the effects of the choices they make.

It helps when the person is aware of their stress-inflicting actions. If you have a grasp of your daily habits or still learning from them, you can follow these four ways to strike them out of your system.

1. Brushing-off feedbacks
Closing yourself from feedbacks keeps you from having a growth mindset. Being unable to hear or receive the opinion or impression of others regarding your work ethic prevents you from reaching your potential.

You won't know if your performance sucks unless you open the topic to your boss and co-workers. It helps to be curious how people perceive you. That…