Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten (10) Ways to De-stress in the Office

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Stress is part of life. You are not a normal person if you didn’t experience stress at least once in your life. Stress in the workplace can’t be helped. There are several factors that contribute to work stress – heavy workload may be one, you may be doing more than what you have bargained for. Work setting is another. Your environment may be so crowded and noisy that you wish you’re somewhere else, somewhere cool and relaxing, like Bahamas, rather than stuck in an office space in the Philippines. Below are some ways to cope up with stress at work.

  • Music. Nothing is more effective than a balm to a tired soul. Breathe in and out. Feel the music.
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  • Think of something funny. Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Take a break. You’ll be amazed what a five (5) minute break can do to your system. Go to the canteen or pantry. Eat fruits.
  •   Use your lunch hour wisely. Be away from your desk. A change of environment can do wonders to you.
  • Spend your coffee break by doing any of the following. Take a nap. If your job gives you access to the web, look for funny Youtube videos. You could check out Facebook pages that will hilariously entertain you. Replace coffee, drink water instead.
  • Talk to your colleagues. This could be the right time to discuss their ideas. Spend more time with optimistic people. You’ll surely catch their aura afterwards.
  • Relax. Find a reason to smile!
  • Go for a walk. If you work in a commercial space, in Makati for example that won’t allow you to do this, try going up and down the stairs. Exercise has been proven to miraculously reduce stress levels.

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  • Rearrange the items on your desktop. You could also change the lighting or temperature around your work station. You never know, this may help as well.
  • Plan something rewarding after a stressful day. Leave at exactly 6pm and go shopping. Think of a hot tub and wine waiting for you at home. Treat yourself.