Wednesday, December 23, 2015

7 Simple Last Minute Holiday Decorations

Every one of us loves to have holiday decorations at home, right? Whether you are living in a house and lot in Cavite, condo in BGC or any other real estate property, you can still decorate the way you wanted your home to look like. However, thinking about what to decorate for a holiday season may not be easy for some people, especially when they don't have the time to think and decorate at all.

Planning on what you should include on the decorations can sometimes be daunting and frustrating. Of course, you don't want your house to look weird, right? Well, if you are one of those people who would like to catch up through a last minute holiday decoration, then below are some simple strategies you might want to try.

1. Posts of Christmas Past

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Going back to the past may not be a bad idea after all. In fact, it is one of the many ways you can bring good memories and experiences where fun and excitement are always around. Well, you can have and decorate it through a long, slim stick suspended between two vases. You can also put them in chronological order. Moreover, you can add some glitters and other ornaments that you want to include the pictures. With that, it will not be boring to look at.

2. Lend a hand

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One of the many ways you can do some improvising is through hanging off a hand pot, instead of the typical socks. Well, you can hang it below your bookshelves and other places where you think it fits perfectly with the design.

3. A pine candle

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Candles are one of the things that add beauty to the holiday feels. Instead of a typical white candlestick, you can change it into an Adirondack-style log cabin, pinecone candles. With that, it will give you a touch of the forest to any décor. Of course, you can also buy it at a lower price.

4. Bundles of joy

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A Christmas tree would be boring if there are not bundles of joy included in it. Of course, aside from the gift boxes found the tree, hanging something unique is one of the things you can do to surprise your guests. Well, you can hang something like a bunch of fragrant cinnamon sticks and anything that you want to hang on the Christmas tree as part of the decoration.

5. Star power

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If you are one of those people who are creative enough considering the given time, you can make a homemade ornament such making a star. Well, you can start by gathering small sticks from the backyard and trim the ends with sharp scissors. Of course, you can now arrange them into a star shape and tie together with jute or twine.

6. Sweet sensation

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Aside from the things you want to decorate, you can also make some decorations through the food that you make. If you are planning to make some sweets, then you can add some colorful mini marshmallows, and then stuff old-fashioned stick candies inside. With that, children and even adults would be tempted to get and taste it.

7. Step it up

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When it comes to holiday decorations, forgetting to decorate your staircases is a no-no. Of course, doing such will add beauty and attracts people to come inside your home. Moreover, including eye-catching ornaments can be a plus factor the design of your staircase. Well, it is easy to do by having threads and have them with different lengths of thin ribbon or string, and then tie them to a long, wide grosgrain ribbon along the way.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

What You Should Know About Prepping a Guest Room

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Holiday season has just started, and there are more things to come. Agree? Of course, it is the time to merry and enjoy the moments we have with your family and friends at home. Well, whether you are living in Ayala Land properties or any other real Estates, you can enjoy the holiday season. Who knows, this year might be one of the best time of your life.

Of course, when it comes to the holiday season, you also have to expect that there will be a guest that will stay at your home for a day, a week or so. That means, you also have to prepare what is needed for your guest.  Well, if you are one of those people who are expecting guests, then below are some things you should consider.

Change the sheets

One of the things you should never forget is the bed sheets. Of course, you don't want them to sleep on a dirty sheet, right? It is rude on their part. Of course, you also have to make sure that they will have a comfortable place to sleep. Well, you should wash the sheets before you let your guests use it. You can also add scent on the sheets to make it more clean and comfortable to use. With that, this is also one of the reasons why they will stay longer at your home.

Serve a snack

Never let your guests get hungry. That is one of the golden rules you should follow. Of course, you also have to treat your guests especially by giving or serving them snacks.  Moreover, this is also one of the many ways they could unwind from stressful travel. Well, you can have a light snack after dinner with a good movie, chat or a book.

Fill the room with flowers

Whether you realize it or not, there are also good effects when you include a flower in a room. Of course, you include a nature where it gives us the energy and motivation to do the things we want to do. Unless your guests are allergic to flowers, then including such can add beauty and good vibes to the room.

Stock up on the essentials

One of the many things you should not forget is to stock up on the essentials on the room and in the bathroom. Moreover, you should not forget to refill every single bottle shampoo, conditioner or any other things for a bath. And don't forget the replacements of towels, there should always be a clean towel for your guests.

Style a vignette

If you haven't tried having a vignette, then this is going to be your chance to style a vignette. Well, a typical vignette is usually a small illustration or portrait of pictures or photographs that fades into its background without a definite border. You can have this kind of décor in the guest room. With that, it will add beauty and a comfortable feeling in the room.

Attend to their age

It is also one of the things you should consider when it comes to prepping a guest room. You have to know who your guests are. If one of your guests is a kid, then you also have to make sure that you will have a place for them. And of course, you definitely would not decorate their room with the things online adults can appreciate. Decorate the room where kids can also appreciate and like. On the other hand, if your guests are already adults, you should also prepare their room in a way where they can feel comfortable to stay.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sharing Rules: 7 Things You Can Share With Your Roommates

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Whether you agree with me on this or not, there are certain things that sharing will always be fun. Some of us here who live with a roommate used of sharing. They usually share things that they think the other can use, and vice-versa. It is also in the sharing of things you can create a bond with each other. And of course, whether you are living in Ayala Land Premier Condominium Cebu or any other real estate residences, you can enjoy sharing things with your roommates.

Just imagine if you and your roommates are so strict with the things that you have at home. You'd don't want to live with them, right? That is why, sharing can also be important in many ways.  And of course, there are a lot of things you can share with your roommates. To give you an idea, below are some of the things you can enjoy sharing with your roommates.

1. Kitchen appliances

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You should expect that you and your roommate should share appliances. Of course, you are living in the same house or condo. That means, you only have one kitchen that you should share. Moreover, when it comes to the mini-fridge or microwaves, it is best for you to share those kinds of appliance for you do not have a bigger bill on its electricity.

2. Dishes and cups

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Aside from the kitchen appliances that you should share, you can also share with your roommates your dishes and cups at home. Also, it would not hurt if you are going to share with the kitchen utensils you have at home. And other things, not just with the kitchen things, but also when it comes to washing the dishes. If washing the dishes is not your thing, then you better clean the table. With that, you still slip the chores equally.

3. Rugs/carpet

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Just imagine if you have a lot of rugs or carpet for each of you in the house. It is not nice to look at, right? That is why, rugs and carpets are the things you should also share with your roommate. Well, just make sure that you all know the rules and regulations when it comes to rug or carpet cleaning.

4. Textbooks

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Some of us here are students, right? Whether you're an undergrad or taking a review, you still need a book for references. Well, if you think that you have a book that is related to what he needs, then you might as well let him/her borrow. With that, your roommate can save money for references. Well, for you not to fight over a book, then you have to make sure that you both work out a feasible schedule in which to share materials. With that, you don't have to worry about not having the book.

5. TV/Entertainment

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Of course this one, you don't want to turn on two different TVs at the same time, right? Of course, it doesn't just irritates our eyes and ears, it also eat up our electricity consumption. Well, you both just have to agree on what kind of show that you both want to watch. With that, you will avoid misunderstanding just for the movie.

6. Electrical gadgets

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It is also one of the things you should share with your roommates. Of course, you sometimes also have the need to use electrical gadgets such as the vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, laser printer, hair dryer, pencil sharpener, laser printer, camera, alarm clock and many other things.

7. Utility bills

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When it comes to sharing, it doesn't just mean that you are only going to share things. Of course, you should also share the bills you have at home. Each one of you uses an electricity; that's why, it is also all your duty to take care of the bills. Divide the bills equally to avoid fighting over for that matter. Moreover, if you think that you don't have any budget yet, then you have to ask politely for consideration with your roommates. With that, they might give you a chance to pay your share later.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Living Solo: Studio vs. One-Bedroom

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Hands up for those people who are planning to leave their parents' house and live independently! I bet, you too might be one of those people who are now in the right age to live separately. For the first timers, living along might be scary yet exciting. Of course, there are a lot of firsts that you need to experience. And one of those firsts is deciding on whether you're going to choose a studio type or a one-bedroom type of condo unit. Of course, choosing what kind of place you want to live is one of the top priorities you need to consider.

Well, it doesn't matter if you choose to live in Ayala Land Premier Cebu or any other real estate property. For as long as you know what you want to have, then it would be a lot easier for you to think and decide on which of the two, whether if it's a studio or a one-bedroom type of property. Well, to give you some idea on which of the two suits you best, then below are some guide you need to know before you can decide which one.


One of the important factors that you need to consider before you can decide to choose one is the price. You cannot live in a place where you cannot even afford to pay the down payment. And if you can't afford the down payment, how much more when you pay with the monthly dues of the property, it will be hard on your end. Since you are now on your own, being wise on where and what to spend your money is also a priority thing for you to know. If you are not careful in choosing an affordable yet quality property, then you might be wasting your money for nothing. As a home investor, don't hesitate to ask for the price.

Floor plan

When you decide to live solo, you are now the boss of your home. Of course, before you can pick one on which of the two is better for you, you also need to consider its floor plan. It is also your duty to know what kind of place you want to have. If you want to have a bigger space, then you better choose a studio type. However, if you just want it to be simple with the minimalist style of the place, then choosing a one-bedroom might suit your taste. Moreover, before you can choose which of the two is better, you also have the need to inspect the interior to make sure you know what you want. You have to know where the kitchen is, the bathroom, your room, and the living room. Make sure that you are satisfied with the floor plan to avoid regrets later.


If you think that the size of the place that you want to have doesn't matter, then you better think again. Well perhaps for some, it doesn't matter. But for some people, sizes are also important since it also determines the price of the place. The bigger the place is, the more expensive it gets. And if you are one of those people who cares about their budgeting, then you better choose a place where it is not that big or not that small for you to stay. Moreover, you also have to consider whether the spaces of the place are enough for you to move around the house. Well if it is not, then it is best for you to choose a bigger place for you to stay.


If you are a kind of person who has a lot of things to move in with you, then choosing the right place is one of the things you need to consider. Of course, you also have the need to know whether there are enough storages for your things to have or not. If you think that the particular place doesn't have enough spaces or storages for you to use, then you better not choose that particular house.

Living solo is not as bad and hard as you think it is. Of course, there are also a lot of adjustments to make, but it doesn't mean that it will be difficult for you to adjust. Well, just take the time to settle, and you will eventually realize that there are also advantages of living solo.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Top 4 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home for Holiday Season

There's nothing like our home. Yes, cliché as it seems, but it is right to every person who values the love of the family. Whether you realize it or not, our home is where the holiday atmosphere starts. Agree? Of course, it is in our home where we feel the holiday spirit that makes us happy and satisfied with our life. If that's what we feel, how much more if we decorate our home with the things that keeps us warm and cozy.

Whether you live in a house and lot in Cavite or any other real estate properties you want to live, you can decorate your home. And yes, decorating your home helps you give the feeling of belongingness of the place. It is also one of the many ways your guests and visitors can appreciate your home.

Well, if you are one of those people who is still struggling on what and how to decorate your home, then below are some ideas for you to apply.

Prep a spot for reading
For some people, there should always be a place for reading. Of course, you also need to have space for those individuals who love reading, or just want to spend some of their time reading and scanning books. If not, then you might as well have a particular small place where they can have their own time with the books.

Moreover, when you have a place for reading, it adds beauty and elegance to your home. Book lovers would love and appreciate your home.

Designate a spot for projects and games

Aside from the place where people can read a book, it is also better for you to appoint a place for projects and games. Well, it's a holiday season, and you have to expect that some families and friends want to have an overnight stay in your house.

Of course, you also have to entertain them with games. It is the place where you can play chess and any other games that you want to play.

Moreover, having the said place can also help you have a place where you can do your projects, home works, or even wrap your holiday gifts. Well, it doesn't matter whether your space is big or just enough, for as long as you have a proper place for it.

Stoke the fire

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Ok, let's admit! Not everybody here has a fireplace or wood stoves. However, for those people that have, then you are lucky to have one since it helps you when it comes to the cold weather, especially when the holiday season is also the season for cold weather.

For your fireplace to look presentable, you have to make sure that it doesn't look messy and dirty. Moreover, you have to make sure that it can give enough warmth to your house.

For those people who don't have, then there are a lot of ways on how you can make your home warm such as having some candle lights in your home. Well, you can improvise things, just be creative.

Warm area rugs in living spaces

If you think that the rug doesn't have any usefulness at all, then you better think again. Yes, there are a lot of advantages when you include rugs in your living spaces at home.

For some reasons, it adds beauty to your home, and it gives life to empty and dull spaces. When you have the right rug for every room and space that you want to have, it gives you warmth and a homey feeling.

Whether you agree with me on this or not, a home without decorations that keep it warm and cozy is a boring home. Of course, decorations and how you arrange your home adds life to the holiday season. Well, if you want to feel and be happy about it, then you better start at your home.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

For Homebuyers: How to Effectively Save For Your Dream Home

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Hands up to those people who agree that saving is one of the hardest things to do! Well, for some reasons, since there are so many bills, expenses and another stuff that needs some monetary commitment, saving is the least we usually think. And this is also one of the reasons why some people still don't have their home although they have a dream home at Nuvali in Laguna. Moreover, it's frustrating to think that this is more and more people are struggling to save for their dream home.

Most of us here, if not all, have been wondering how come some homeowners were able to save effectively for their dream home? Perhaps, they don't have any other things that they need to pay. Or maybe, they just know some techniques on how they are going to save effectively. Well, if you are one of those aspiring homeowners who wants to know what and how to save, then below are some tips just for you.

Establish your price range

One of the reasons why we cannot effectively save it's because, we don't have a realistic amount to achieve. We don't have any goals on how much we are going to reach a particular amount. Yes, you might be saving your money, but it also doesn't mean that you will go starving and not paying your bills. And if you just know how much you can afford, you know how much you are going to save. You don't need to worry about your other expenses since you still have some money for you to use.

Set a down-payment goal

Just like establishing your price range, you also have to know how much you can afford for your down payment. If you are serious about investing in a real estate, you should not take for granted the down payments of a particular property. Well, once you have decided on a price range, this is the time for you to focus on the reaching the down payment.

When it comes to the overall price of a property, twenty percent minimum is widely acceptable. Fret not! Since there are already banks, which offer lower than the twenty-percent. Well, for you to understand more about the down payment, you should consult a real estate professional for you to be guided on what to do when you decide to invest in a real estate property.

Cut down spending

One of the common reasons why we can't save is that we usually spend too much beyond our income. We tend to buy things that are not that useful to us. And sometimes, we don't notice that we are already spending beyond we can afford. That is why, some of us are already borrowing money from the lender just to pay their debts since they don't have any budget for paying their debts anymore.

If you are one of those people who are planning to invest in a home, then you better change your habit of spending too much money for nothing. It is a must for you to learn that not all things are important for you to buy. Moreover, if you are going to invest in a real estate, you to have to prepare yourself for saving and not spending too much. Of course, it is also for your good. That is why, you should be discipline when it comes to handling your money.

Shop around first

When it comes to house hunting, it is a must for you to shop around other possible and potential properties before deciding to choose a particular property. Of course, you don't know that that particular property is cheaper than the other one that you also like. Yes, there are a lot of properties that you can choose that are also affordable for you to have. With that, you will not be worried about the down payments and all since you can afford it already.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why Renting Solo is Best for You These Days

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If you think renting alone would be your nightmare, and then you better think again. Yes, living with roommates is exciting and fun, but there will always be times that they are going to be one of your headaches. And yes, you are renting and living alone, but it doesn't mean that it is going to be a hellish living. When you think about the daily expenses that you make plus the bills that you will have, you don't want to add your roommates to your headaches. Right?

We can blame renters who want to have a roommate since they love to have one. But for those people who are planning on living their life alone, then you don't need to worry too much. You will eventually realize that living alone is not as bad as you think it is, especially these days. If you are still not convinced, then below are some reasons why renting solo is best for you.

You have total control over you bills

If you are a kind of person who had no guts in telling your roommate to save electricity, then you better be thankful not having them in the first place. Of course, you definitely can save a lot of money by controlling the use of your electricity. It is your choice on whether you are going to save for your bills or not. It will be all up to you.

Nobody will reprimand you for doing stupid things

There are times that we want to do stupid and crazy things. Well, the perks of living alone? Nobody will reprimand you for having loud music, for not cleaning your room, for not doing your laundry, for not washing the dishes, for taking a bath for an hour, watching a movie for the whole day, or even being naked –nobody will.

You can style your home whatever you want

They say, live your style.  You can now do and have whatever style you want for you home. Nobody will have some harsh critiques on your style. Of course, it is your home, and they don't have any rights to demand on what kind of style you should have for your house. Unless you are going to invite your parents to your house, then you better be prepared with their critics. Moreover, nobody will reprimand you of changing the style of your house every month.  It's all up to your style.

You can focus on being productive and creative

There are just times that we want to have a moment of silence for us to focus on the things that we want to do. The more we put our attention on a particular matter, the more productive we are. And sometimes, it is impossible to achieve those things when we have our roommate.

You won't be tempted to buy unnecessary things

Have you ever notice that whenever you have someone with you, you tend to buy food? Of course, it is not boring when you have someone to eat with you.  Drinks and junk food? You don't have to worry about it anymore since you will not be tempted to buy unnecessary stuff.

Making the leap

You can attain all these advantages mentioned above if you are just discipline on the things that you should and should not do. If you are a kind of person who tends to have no care about the things or even situations that need to change, then you will leave a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Again, living or renting alone is not as bad as you think it is. Moreover, you will eventually get used to living alone. So, you don't have to worry too much about living on your own.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Moving out? You'll Need These 5 Things to Help You Pack Things Up

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When we talk about choosing the right home, one of the normal things most homeowners do is to move out. Who haven't experienced moving out yet? Of course, if you are not satisfied with your property, you think of moving out. Right? That unless if you own your house and lot in Ayala land or any other real estate property, then packing up your things is just normal. For some, it may be a hassle to pack things up, but if you just know what and how to pack, then you're set to go.

Well, if you have some budget, you can hire some professional movers who can do all the work for you. However, doing it on your own is also not a bad thing at all. Well for some reasons, it will definitely save you some money. And mind you, you will know what and what not to include on the things that you need to pack.

If you are one of those people who are planning to move out, then you might want to know these 5 simple tips for you.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes is one of the most commonly used storage for most people. Not only it is practical and affordable, it is also a convenient thing to have to provide the most efficient method for shipping household items. Moreover, if you are going to do it alone, you need plenty of sturdy packing boxes of assorted sizes.

Cushioning and wrapping materials

There will always be a thing that is fragile to handle, right? Well, in order for you to avoid those things from breakage, you need to put them in a safe storage. If you are using a moving box, then you better have a good cushioning and wrapping material to protect it. If you wrap it properly, you don't have to worry about your things since it is already secured.

Furniture pads

When you pack larger furniture like your couches or appliances, you'll need to have a plastic wrap and furniture pads to protect it from scratches.  You have to properly wrap the entire piece and you should also pay attention to the corners and the protruding parts, such as the legs or handles, and use lots of packing tape to hold the wrapping in place.

Moving straps and ropes

These are one of the most important things for you to have and include on your packing list. Without moving straps and ropes, it might be difficult on your part to hold and organize your things. This is also important when it comes to carrying heavy pieces, which helps secure and hold items in place inside the moving truck.

Hand tools

When you need to disassembling furniture into pieces, you definitely need to have a hand tool. Of course, hands tools are used to remove doors from the hinges, measuring the available space and the dimensions of your belongings, cutting, sealing, repackaging, and securing items.

Helping hands

If you do the packing on your own without the help of the professional movers, then at least you should have someone to help you out. If you think that you have a lot of things to pack, or things that are too big for you to handle or carry on your own, then you better call a family or a friend to help you with that matter. Well, for you to repay their good deed towards you, you can offer some snacks and drinks afterwards anyways.

Means of transportation

Yes, you are all set. You are done packing up all your things, then what's next? Of course, you need to have a vehicle to ship your things to your new home. If you have big things to move, then you better call for a truck. You also have to know whether you have to rent a vehicle or borrow the truck of your family or friend.

These tips mentioned above are simple yet effective tips for you to consider. Again, it doesn't have to be that hard. All you have to do is know what you are doing, and then you're good.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Real Estate Advice: How to Make Your Online Listings Get Clicked and Read

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There are millions and millions of internet users worldwide. Who would not grab this kind of opportunity to publicize a property? One of the most common ways to sell a home is through listing it online. Agree? Indeed, it is! In fact, it is one of the fastest ways to publicize your property that are put on sale. And it is amazing how the social media help us achieve in finding the right and interesting homebuyer.

Of course, it will be a lot easier to search and make a transaction through online. However, although listing your property online is a convenient way for you to sell your home, remember, there are also thousands of home sellers who are also competing to sell their homes. You will succeed in a competitive world of the online listing when you know who it works.

Fret not if you are one of those people who are first timers in listing your property online since it is not that hard as you think it is. Well, below are some of the real estate advice on how you can make your online listings successfully get clicked and read.

Do not skimp on the details

The information about your property is one of the most important things that you should not forget to include. What kind of property that you have? How many rooms? How about the kitchen? Does it have a second floor? This might be simple information, but these should not be missing on your details. You have to make sure that your potential buyer can already imagine what kind of property that you are selling just by giving them the exact information about it. And with the given information, they will know whether the criteria of your home fit on their lifestyle or not.

Sell the neighbourhood as well

Aside from your property, what interests your potential buyer the most is the neighbourhood. Of course, they don't want to compromise the quality of lifestyle they will be having. They are mostly concern about what kind of surroundings or community your property belongs to? What kind of people are they going to interact if they decide to buy your property? Is it safe for the children to play and roam around? When they know that you have a good and friendly community, there will be higher chances that they will buy your house.

Give complete contact details

Usually, aside from the important and basic information that you have given to them, there will be other concerns or questions that they want to ask from you. As a home seller, you have to expect a call and follow-up questions from home buyers, especially buyers who are meticulous when it comes to the property that they want to have. You definitely don't want to let the opportunity slipped away from you, right? That is why, you have to make sure to put your complete contact details.

Give them the best photos

Your photos are as important as your information. It doesn't matter how detailed and convincing you are when it comes to the information that you gave to them, but if you don't have any pictures to prove what you are talking about, then it is definitely useless. And homebuyers will not be impressed when you don't have the right and best angle in your photos. If you think that this part your property has an appeal and is unique, then you have to flaunt it by taking pictures of that particular angle. Good pictures are there to tempt them to decide and buy your property. That is why, you should have your best shot!

Do not forget about the price

The price of your property found in your details serves as a deciding factor of your potential homebuyer. This is the time where they will decide to buy your property or not. However, if you don't include the price on the listings or in your information, your potential buyer might think that your property is overpriced. Of course, you definitely don't want that, right? Also, you should also state whether the price is negotiable or fixed.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Why Do You Need to Make Your Bed Every Day

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Who among you here loves to make their bed every after they get up? I bet, only a few since not all of us here have the habit of making their own bed every day. Especially when we are in a rush and we need to prepare ourselves real quick, making our bed is one of the least priority. Well, we can't blame them for that since they are running late, and this might be a big deal for some. However, do you know that there will be a lot of healthy benefits you can get just by making your bed?

Yes! Simply making your bed every day can improve your lifestyle. When you start doing this and make it as your habit, you will realize that it doesn't just make your room neat and clean, it will also give you the feeling of accomplishment which you want to do it all over again. Well, if you are curious, then here are some reasons as to why you need to make your bed every single day.

Making your bed is a simple habit

Ok, let's admit! Getting up earlier than your usual time is definitely a challenge, especially when you wanted to sleep more. But if you tend to try it and discipline yourself when it comes to waking up early just to make your bed is definitely a good start. And when you have already tried, you will eventually realize that it is not as hard and bad thing at all to do such routine. And mind you, it will definitely become your habit. Of course, it's a nice habit after all!

It starts your day off right

Have your ever notice or feel that whenever you see something that is properly fixed or arranged, you feel like you're satisfied with it? Of course, if you are out for work or school, you don't need to worry about the things that you left behind your house since it is all properly arranged. This might be a simple feeling of accomplishment, but it sets the tone for the entire day.

Moreover, whenever you make your bed, you feel like you have completed something good and you wanted to extend that kind of feeling to your work or school. With that, you will also feel motivated to complete the tasks that are assigned to you.

It leads to better productivity

You will definitely get tempted to go back to bed when you see it's messy. The pillow and your blanket are all over the top of your bed tempting you to cuddle it. And with that, you will definitely give in to those temptations, and then later on you will realize that you did nothing for the whole day. However, if you just make your bed every after you get up, then you will definitely avoid those temptations. And if you have something that you need to do, you can have it done without thinking about going back to bed.

It prevents embarrassment

One way or another, we definitely can't tell whether if your friends and/or family will visit your home without any prior notice. And since you don't expect these visitors, you tend to have a messy room. You might not know, they want to go to your room with any particular reasons. Of course, you will feel embarrassed and will not let them get into your room. However, if you just make your bed, you will be ready for unexpected situations.

It's one habit that can actually lead to other good habits

Again, making your bed every single day is just a simple habit. However, this is also one of the things that can lead you to do other good habits. Of course, you start your day with a good one, you will definitely want to do another thing that will make you feel good too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why Thrift Stores are Ideal for Furniture Shopping?

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There will always be a fun factor when it comes finding the right furniture for your home. Agree? For some people, they tend to enjoy experimenting with styles and colours that might match with the other furniture. Especially when the holiday is already fast approaching, decorating your homes is one of the things you need to do. And considering the fact that we have a lot of things that need to buy, we wish we would at least have some discounts when it comes to the decals that we also need to have.

Well, that unless you already have your old decorations and you just want to reuse it again, then buying your decals in thrift stores might be an ideal thing for you to do. A lot of you here might dislike buying things in a thrift store. Perhaps, they are not convinced on the quality of the things. However, don't you know that you can buy nice and durable things if you just know how to choose? Of course, it's not just about the price which is very affordable, but you can also guarantee the quality of a particular thing.

If you haven't tried going to thrift stores, this might be your chance to know how cool it is to buy your decals for a fraction of the price you would actually pay for the retail holiday décor. And if you are still not convinced, below are the reasons as to why buying things in thrift stores are ideal.

Thrift store items are typically higher quality simply by virtue of being there

One of the basic rules of the thrift store is that they don't sell poorly made materials. The fact that the furniture withstood the years of one person's use, which mean, it is not a typical cheap thing. Moreover, if you have noticed, furniture you will usually see at the thrift store don't run out of style. Just a little bit of a polish, and then it is ready to use.

Furniture at the thrift store is always cleaned

Like any other types of furniture, you will see at the malls, furniture displayed at the thrift store is also clean. Of course, before they are going to sell it, they make sure that there will be no visible dust, and/or any other dirt. Of course, they totally don't want to let their buyer discouraged due to what they see. So, you'll still get the same color and style even after cleaning it yourself.

Thrift stores are an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style

Unlike furniture that are displayed in malls, furniture in thrift stores are not arranged the typical way of arrangements. In fact, the furniture is just displayed in one place without any particular arrangements. So, it is up to you on how you are going to imagine if that particular thing is displayed and arranged the way you wanted it to be in your home. Challenging, isn't it? But we also can't deny the fun part in imagining things.

There are no salespeople waiting to make a commission off your purchase

When it comes to shopping, if you are used on having an attendant who is willing to cater your queries about a particular thing, then you better forget about it when you decide to shop in the thrift store. Most people working in there are volunteers, and they will just wait on your decision if you are going to buy that particular furniture or not.

Many thrift stores support the community

If you don't have any idea about it yet, yes, most of them have their charity work. And some of their profits are donated in the orphans and/or any other charities. Well, you definitely know that whenever you buy something in a thrift store, you are also helping your community.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

7 Simple Ideas for Customizing Your Closet

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Not all of us here have their own closet at home, agree? Well, since perhaps, they don't have enough space, or they don't have time to make one. But don't you know that having your own closet can be helpful and useful to you, especially when you have a lot of things to store? Aside from the bedroom that we have, we also have a separate room where we put our clothes, shoes, towels and/or any other stuff that we want to put inside.

Basically, customizing your closet is not that hard as you think it is. It will also not take much of your time. For as long as you have a plan in mind and know the basic things for you to start customizing the room, then it will be easier and faster to create and achieve a desirable outcome.

Yes, we want to have our own customize closet, however, there are some of us here don't know what and where to begin. Well, if you are one of those people who just don't have any idea at all, then let me help you with that matter. Below are some of the simple and doable ideas to customize your closet.

1. Create a room

First and foremost, before you can have your closet, you must have a room. You have to make sure that there is a particular space in your home that is intended for your closet. Basically, creating a room doesn't need to be that spacious and/or big enough for you to have. Just make a room that is enough and that is fitted for the things that you want to store.

2. Provide flat surfaces

Installing and/or providing flat a surface on the room is a must for you to do. These flat surfaces will act as your storage of your clothes, shoes and/or belongings that you have. If you want to have a stylish closet, then you have to play with the design and arrangement. You can also customize your own dividers or separators for each thing. With that, you will know what and where you can put your things.

3. Show off hanging items

One of the things you need to consider if you want to have a classy closet is through showing off hanging items. There are actually a lot of stylish designs of hangers that you can choose from. Of course, choose the best and/or the stylish one. With that, it will add beauty and style on your closet.

4. Reconsider doors

If your closet is just within the reach from your bedroom, then you might want to consider having stylish doors. You can have a sliding glass door to make it sophisticated and updated. Well, if you are a kind of person who doesn't want to spend another budget for that particular door, then you might also want to consider having some curtains instead of doors. With that, you can still have your own privacy.

5. Incorporate seating

One way or another, you will have the need to use a chair. And if you want to make it even look good, then why not try having a chair that fits the design and/or ambiance on your closet. As much as possible, your chair for your closet is different from the chairs that you used in the kitchen. You have to make a difference for you to achieve a better outcome on the style of your closet.

6. Maximize space

Even if you have a small space, you can definitely have some hacks on how you can maximize your space. Well, you just have to make sure that there will be no dead spaces in the room. If you think you have one, then think of the things that you can still put in that particular empty space.

7. Play up individual touches

One of the factors that complete the beautification of your closet is putting your personal touch on it. You can definitely play with the things and/or furniture that you have included inside. When you decide to put a mirror,  for example, then you have to make sure that that kind of mirror is also a stylish one, and/or any other things that have a personal touch is best to achieve your desired closet. And don't forget the lights, you have to make sure that the lights that you have installed are not dim enough for you. Well, of course, you can choose lights that are also stylish. Play with it, and you'll definitely get what you want.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Home Organizing Tips: What To Do with Small Spaces at Home
Do you live in a small apartment and struggle to keep your things organized and mess under control? Well, fret not, since you are not alone! A lot of you here might have experience being annoyed with the fact that you can't have a particular arrangement considering the fact that there is no enough space for you to put your belongings in the desired place. Moreover, you don't have any choice but to find some other ways just for you to keep your things in order.

If we want to make our home a liveable place, of course, one of the many things we can do to achieve the desired outcome is to organize the necessary things in our house. Yes, organizing things in the house can also be a hassle and daunting thing to do. There are actually a lot of things you need to think of before you can decide on to how, what and where you are going to put a particular thing in a specific place.

Well, if you are one of those people who are still struggling onto what to do with all those things, then here are some tips for you to apply in your own home. And fret not, even if you have small spaces in your apartment, you can still achieve your desired outcome.

Tip # 1: Use your walls

Wall decorations – that is one of the common things most homeowners do when it comes to their walls. However, don't you know that you can also use it as one of your storages at home? Yes, you definitely can. Aside from hanging some frames on your walls, you can also install some shelving for you to put your collections. You can also put some vases on it, and/or whatever things you like to put in there.

Tip # 2: Invest in double-duty furniture

Nowadays, there are already a lot of stores that sell double-duty furniture. You just have to choose the right size and the right color to compliment the things inside your home. Well if not, you can do some DIY and have it as a dual purpose. With that, you will definitely save some spaces on your apartment.

Tip # 3: Streamline technology

When you have a small space in your apartment, as much as possible, the sizes of your gadgets and other appliances such as your TV, speakers are just right for the particular space that you intend to use for them. And if you have a lot of CDs and/or DVDs, then make use of the double-duty furniture that you have at home.

Tip # 4: Go for the monochrome color scheme

One of the biggest factors you can add to your apartment to look like you have a bigger space is through its color schemes. Choosing the right color for you apartment is very important for you to make. It doesn't just add beauty but also, it gives an illusion on having a bigger space on your home.  When you use a darker color, it will add visual interest to the area that you have. Moreover, you have to make sure that you limit the accent color to one area of the apartment to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Tip # 5: Make use of dead space

Dead spaces are those spaces that are available and can still be used for other storages. Well, if you have your suitcase, why not try putting it under your bed? If you have a decorative basket that is used for kitchen utensils, then try putting it above your fridge. Or if you think that the corner of your apartment is empty, then try putting something just to fill the dead spaces that you have at home.

Tip # 6: Clean it regularly

One of the many reasons why we tend to have a smaller space in our apartment is because we don't clean our mess regularly.  When we clean our apartment, it will be easier for us to do the cleaning than taking it all at once. Also, you have to remind yourself to be organized all the time for you not to be irritated when you see things that are not in their proper places.
Being with the things that you do is definitely not a strong excuse for you not to be organized at home. Even if it's just a little bit of your time, you can still have a satisfying place to live.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Right Approach to a better Apartment Living
One of the major aspects in life is to make sure that we are living in a satisfying and healthy lifestyle. It doesn't matter where you live, what kind of apartment you are into, for as long as you like the way you are now, then you will definitely be fine. Agree? However, there are just some people who just can't help it but do the things on their own way, without realizing that they are already breaking the apartment rules.

Generally, the rules and regulations of each apartment will always be different from the other apartments. There are certain rules that they have that are not applicable to the other apartments. It will always depend on what kind of landlord and/or management you have. However, if you are a kind of person who doesn't want to experience any troubles at all, then you better live life to what is right. And mind you, it is also for you own good.

Use it as a place to spend time with family and friends

There are just times that we want to go out and spend the rest of the day outside our home. It's either you go to malls, parks or any other places where you want to go, especially when you don't have anything to do for work and/or school to attend to. However, don't you know that the more you spend your time with your family and friends, the stronger your bond to them will be? Also, you will learn to love your apartment if you just spend some of your time in it.

Keep it clean

One of the reasons why you don't want to stay in your apartment is that you don't want to see and stay in a dirty and messy place. Of course, who would like that? However, if you keep your apartment clean, you will feel great about being at home. Moreover, having a clean home also means, you are living a healthy lifestyle – away from sickness and other factors that can make us weak.

Make your décor personal

Aside from making your home clean, decorating your home with some personal touch in it can also make you proud of your home. You will definitely love to stay and live in it. Of course, you will also be proud to let your families and friends to come over to your house. With that, they will definitely compliment the decorations that you have and the way you add some personal touch with it.

Save money each month

As a tenant, you have to know that you also have some responsibilities on the monthly dues that you need to pay. When you know that your weekly or monthly budget for you is just enough, then you have to make sure that you will not forget to save money each month for you to pay your monthly dues. Well, it doesn't mean that you have to starve, just make sure that you know what you are buying whether if it is important or not. If not, then you better save it instead.

Learn to cook

Cooking is a skill. If you don't know how to cook yet, then you better learn how. This is the time where you will not be thinking about buying overpriced goods and/or meals. Cooking in your apartment will help you save more. Also, try to learn how to cook healthy meals, not just some instant meals where it can also be bad for your health.

Make time for exercise

There are just times that exercising may be a hassle on our part since we don't have enough time to exercise, or just too tired to exercise. Considering the fact that we are working or schooling, finding time to exercise is definitely a hard one. However, don't you know that the more you exercise, the more productive you can be? Of course, it doesn't just make you healthy, but also, it helps you do the things faster since your body is conditioned. So, exercise!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

6 Simple Hacks You can Do to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner
Since most families are already using air conditioner, it has now become one of the necessities at home. Agree? There are just times that using electric fan is still not enough to make ourselves cooled down, especially when the weather is not cooperating with us. That is why, we use the AC. With that, we feel highly comfortable which makes us able to work with greater vigor. Yes, we might enjoy the cool air the AC produces; however, do you know the life span of it?

Most centralized air conditioners have a life span of about 15 years. But there are just times that our AC can’t even reach 5 or 6 years, since it is already not functioning well and/or it’s broken. Moreover, the replacement of AC can be expensive, which is why most of us will do anything to extend the life of it. Well, if you are one of those people who are into using air conditioners, then here are some tips for you to make sure that you take good care of your AC.

1. Keep the condenser clear

If your AC unit is not properly working, then perhaps, there must be something wrong with the condenser. The condenser is the part of the air conditioning unit that you can see outside of your house and it actually does the cooling. Moreover, your AC will efficiently work by keeping shrubs trim back and brush; grass clipping and other debris should be cleared away.

2. Help your air conditioner stay cool

If you notice that the heat of the sun is directly aimed at your AC unit, then you have to find a way to keep it away from the direct heat of the sunlight. If you don’t, then there will be possibilities that the unit that you have will not be functioning anymore. By planting shrubs or small trees and/or any other things just to block the heat can make the cooling work. You just have to make sure that the plants that you have is not that close to the unit for as not to create another problem.

3. Clean the air conditioner on a regular basis

One of the reasons why your air condition is not giving you cool air is that your AC unit is already dusty and dirty. Well, in order for you to maintain its coolness, you have to make sure that there will be a regular cleaning. You have to make sure that there will be no dust and dirt that is thick enough, for you to make your AC unit work efficiently.

4. Install a programmable thermostat

Having a thermostat can really help your AC work efficiently. Since the thermostat will also cool the heat inside your home, it is easier for your air condition to distribute the cool air all around your house. Also, this is one way to lessen the amount of work it has to do.

5. Check the ducts for loose seams and gaps

If you notice that there are already loose seams and gaps from the unit, you have to make sure to tape all the joints where the ducts attach to each other and wrap ducts with insulation. With that, it will prevent the loss of cool air before circulating it to your home.

6. Use alternative methods to help keep you and your home cool

You have to remember that not all things will last long if you are using it abusively. That is why; it is also your responsibility to find some other means to keep you and your home cool. If you do, then you are extending the life of your AC unit.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Painting Mania: What to do Before Painting your Room

What makes a room fascinating?
A lot of you here might have answered by its room structure, the furniture that you have included inside your room, and/or by its arrangements. Of course, we have a lot and different answers. Yet have you ever thought that the color that you chose for your room also matters? Well, having a room without some lively colors in it is definitely a no-no, especially when you are into the design and the beauty on your room. Painting your room is one of the things that you need to do and/or have in order for you to appreciate the overall beauty that it created.

Choosing the right color for your room can also be a critical thing to do. You do not just choose any color that you want; you must know the ins and outs in color combination. Of course, you have to be careful in choosing since it can make your room into a lively or a dull one. It will always be depend on the color that you have chosen.

 Sad to say, there are homeowners who immediately painted their room without even thinking whether their room is ready to be painted or not. There are even times that the room is still dirty yet still continue to apply paint without cleaning it first. If you are serious in beautifying your room, you also have to remember that it is important that everything is set and/or ready before you are going to paint your room. And here’s how!

Prepping a room does make a difference

It is given that it is easier to paint your room when there is nothing in your way. Of course, it will be harder for you to move around if there are still things in front, side, or even at your back. This means, before you do the painting, you have to empty out the room, or at least as much as possible. Also, if you are planning to paint your living room, you have to make sure that you have already moved large furniture pieces to the center and cover them up with old sheets or drop cloths to prevent from having paint in the furniture.

Test the paint color

Having the right blend and/or mixture of the color will be difficult to determine how a particular color will look on your walls, and with your lighting. One of the best way to find the perfect color for your room, is to buy a sample. With that, you will know if it is the right color for your room or not. Well, if it is not, then you can change it to another one.

Painting a room – allow color into your life

One way to appreciate your room is to choose the right color that you want to have for your room. Well, if you like pink, then you can color your room with pink. Do not paint your walls with the colors that you don’t like, you will just regret it later on. Also, if you like the color that you use on your room, you will be proud to have it and stay anytime you like.

Pay attention to the finish you choose

This is also one of the important things that you need to consider – its finishing touches. You can definitely add some decorations on your room to complement the color that you have on your wall. Also, things can add beauty to your room if you know what kind of things and/or decorations that would totally fit to your wall.

Top 4 Etiquette for Real Estate Professionals
The keyword to have a successful real estate transaction is having the right etiquette in every approach that you do. Agree? Of course, the right attitude towards your potential clients is very important for you to have a closed deal with them. Aside from the right attitude that you should have, you have to know how to grab the interest of your potential clients for them to engage with the products that you have. Of course, and I’m sure that every real estate broker wants to have a successful transaction.

While others may have­­­ successful apply the right attitude and/or etiquette to their clients, others still have a hard time dealing with their clients, especially when they have clients that are rude and hard to get along with. Of course, there must be a lot of adjustments to make in order to achieve the desired outcome for you and for your client.

Well, if you are one of those real estate brokers who think that they still lack the quality of a successful real estate agent, then below are some tips for you to know and apply it later on. Well, you better be serious in applying these tips since this is also one way to help you in your real estate career.

  1. Be respectful
We all know that there are just times that we can’t control our emotions, especially when we are in the verge of anger. Clients who want to do the things on their own without consulting you and/or other real estate broker can also be a hassle, and when they fail to achieve their desired outcome, they tend to put blame on you.

Even if you experience that kind of situation, it is still a must for you to keep your composure and attitude. You have to be mindful and respectful to whoever you are talking to. Treat them like you value them the most. With that, you will lessen the tension between you and your client.

  1. Be punctual
You definitely don’t want to make your potential buyer wait for you, right?! One of the things most homebuyers hate is when a real estate broker is late for his/her appointment. Being late is definitely a demerit to your profession. Of course, if you have important appointment with your client, you have to come to the said time and place earlier than the said time.
Arriving to the place earlier can also mean that the broker is interested to assist the client with his/her real estate transactions. With that, there will be more time for the both of you to discuss what your client really wants.

  1. Be professional
When it comes to real estate career, it is a must for you to act and be professional in everything you do. You must be professional to the people who you meet and talk to. And of course, the way you approach your work and/or any other real estate related task, you have to be very keen to the way you approach it.

Moreover, the more professional you are, more and more potential clients are willing to have some business with you, since they know that you can handle specific task that they want you to do.

  1. Be prepared during viewings
As a real estate broker, you always have to keep in mind that the property viewing is often considered the make or break stage of the real estate transaction. That is why, you have to be very careful and mindful with the possibilities that will happen before, during and after the viewing.

Before you let your client view the said property, you have to make sure that everything is set and ready for viewing. Well, in order for you to convince the buyer to purchase that particular property, you have to introduce every single detail of the property for them to determine whether they are going to purchase or not.

As a real estate professional, if you are serious in closing the deal with your client, then you better have the right etiquette and approach towards them and to your work. with that, you will definitely get your desired outcome.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Think Smart: How to Successfully Purchase a Property
 Investing in Bonifacio Global City properties can be one of the biggest expenses you will ever have, and one of the most rewarding experience in your life. Of course, it is one of the future investments that we have. Well, if you decide to be serious about having it as one of your dreams and goals in life, then you will definitely achieve you desired goals in life.

However, investing in a particular property is not that easy as you may think it is. There are certain things that you have to consider before and after the purchase of the property. Of course, it doesn’t just end up in buy and or the process of the real estate transactions. Your investments will always continue while you are already living in a particular property.

If you think that you might have a hard time pulling it off, then you might as well seek help from the experts. However, you can also do it alone by being confident in your home buying journey. Well, here are some tips for you to make sure that you are going to have a successful process in purchasing a particular home for you to live.


One of the very important things for you to consider before you decide to buy a home is have a self-assessment. You have to assess yourself whether you are ready to buy a home or not. You have to make sure that in every decision that you are going to make is a sure thing for you to not regret it later on, especially in the process of the transaction. Moreover, you have to assess whether you are capable in paying the monthly dues, since it will definitely be your responsibility sooner or later.

Meet a real estate professional

If you don’t know anything about buying a real estate property, then it is a must for you to hire and/or seek help from a real estate professional. You have to know how to know how to deal with the licensed broker for you to be able to know the ins and outs of buying and/or purchasing a particular property. Also, real estate professionals are there to guide you whatever your concerns you may have about the buying process. Well, meeting one can definitely help you with that kind of matter.

Arrange a viewing

If you are willing and serious in purchasing a property, then you have to make sure that you are able to have a viewing of the said property that you like to live in. Well, arranging a schedule for viewing is one of the important factors for you to determine whether you are going to purchase the buying process or not. Also, you have to make sure that you have prepared a checklist of the things you need to look into in order to know what other things that you need that should also be placed in your house.

Review your choices

Reviewing and making sure that you have an assurance in making the final decision won’t eat up all of your time. Well, of course, it is definitely important for you to know whether or not you are willing to sacrifice some of the things that you have in order for you to achieve the goals that you have in life. It is also one way to determine the advantages and disadvantages when you purchase a particular property in mind.

When investing a property, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before jumping into your final decision. You have to make sure that everything is set before and after the purchase for you not to regret having it later on.