Thursday, February 18, 2016

Interesting Facts You Probably Don't Know About the Color of Your Living Room

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If walls could talk, what would it be? Perhaps, they would want to be painted with the colors that match their style. Even walls in your living room want to be attractive.  And who don't want to live in a beautiful home? Right? That is why we painted it the way we wanted it to be to make it more appealing and satisfying to live with. Basically, it doesn't matter where you live, be it in Verdana Homes Mamplasan or any other real estate property, having beautiful walls is within your reach.

Obviously, you don't want to choose a particular color that you don't like, right? The color that you chose for your living room would also reflect on who and what you are. However, some of us here don't know anything about colors and their respective meanings. And you can be one of them too. Yes, the color that you chose holds a deeper meaning.

And if you are one of those people who don't know about it at all, then below are some ideas on what the color of your living room says about you.


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If you paint the walls in your living room with blue, then you bring a no-nonsense attitude to most endeavors. You also have a strong belief in the things you do which leads to your success. Blue is also the favorite color of the famous designer Lee Ann Thornton's clients.

Light Green
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When you have a light green colored wall, it indicates that you are a good listener. You also have a genuine compassion, and you allow others to express their hopes and fears. Light green is also the color used by the famous designer Laura Church Wilmerding.


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The pink are basically known to be a feminine color. And if you are drawn to the color pink, then you are perhaps a bit tempestuous, and someone who seeks out new experience and surroundings.  Moreover, this person has the tendencies to be bored by the mundane, and just live by the willingness to put themselves in satisfaction. The Famous designer Windsor Smith also uses pink to add a big punch in the room.


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If you have a brown colored wall in the living room, then you generally take your obligations seriously. You are also industrious, and you value the respect of those who are close to you. Moreover, if you chose the chocolaty brown grass cloth, it also adds intimacy on the place.


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Black is the new trend, as they may say. And if you go with dramatic black, you are most likely elegant and are comfortable with formality. You are also complex and a bit mysterious. When it comes to the things you experience, you quickly understand its concepts and precise when it comes to your thoughts. Moreover, you can also connect ideas and envisions ways to make things happen.

Bright Green

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When you have bright green colored walls in your living room, you are someone who exudes positive energy and a ‘we can make it happen' philosophy. Moreover, you also have a discerning sensibility with your surroundings, and an innate desire to put others at ease. When you choose this kind of color, you are most likely be a person who is natural when it comes to social endeavors.

Electric blue

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If you choose to paint your living room with electric blue, then perhaps, you have a dynamic personality. Moreover, electric blue is also the choices for most famous designers such as Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe.


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White is the common color most homeowners choose to have in the living room. Well, it basically means serenity. People who usually have white colored walls are naturally calm and can do things without any pressure.

Generally, it is up to you to what color you want for your living room. For as long as you like it and it fits with the personality that you have, then you don't have to worry about anything that all. Just make sure that you are choosing the right color for your living room.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

For Renters: How Will You Know If it's Time to Part Ways with Your Roommate

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Having a roommate is fun. Agree? Who wouldn't want to have one? When you have a roommate, you can enjoy living and creating memories together. Of course, it doesn't matter if you are renting in an apartment in Cebu or any other apartment in the Philippines, you can definitely have a good roommate with you.

Yes, you have memorable moments with your roommates. But there are just times that there will also be misunderstandings that may come into your way. Perhaps, it can be about anything in particular when one is not happy with the things you or they do. This is also the time when you feel stressed rather than feeling excited with they are around at the apartment. Well, there must be something or conflicts that you might want to resolve.

However, if you think that you can't resolve any problems through peace talks, then this might be one of the reasons why you need to move out. Well, if you are one of those people who feel like you are in such situations, then below are some tips to know if it's time to part ways with your roommate.

They won't do their part to help resolve recurring issues.

Although roommates are fun to be with, there are just times that there are also issues that may arise in the later part of living together. Perhaps, there are misunderstandings with the rules and regulations you have in your apartment or anything that makes it as an issue. For instance, it is your duty to clean the house when you think it is already messy.  When your roommate has no plans in helping you resolve such problems, or they don't want to have any part of the issues, then this is the time when you need to part ways with them.

Of course, as a roommate, it is also your job to take care of the things that involve the things while you are living in the apartment. When you don't care such things, then you are not fit to have a roommate, or you better live alone without any roommates at all.

You intentionally spend most of your time away from your apartment.

One of the reasons renters need to have an apartment since they want to live life on their own, and that you need a place to stay. However, if you intentionally spend most your time away from your apartment, that would only mean that you don't like living in there. Unless you are a traveller or a busy businessman, you would definitely spend most your time in your apartment.

Generally, the apartment is where you can spend your time resting and doing other stuff. And if you are not happy enough to stay in your apartment, then this is the time for you to look for another place where you can be satisfied and live your life to whatever you want to have or attain.

Everything your roommates do becomes a new stressor in your life

This is one of the reasons why people wanted to find another place to stay because they can't stand on what their roommates usually do. Perhaps, you are already not pleased with the things your roommates do, especially when it comes to their behaviour towards you and to the things that involve the rules and regulations that you all have while living under one roof.

Moreover, this is also the time when you can feel that everything they do get into your nerves – their laughs, talks, and other things that irritate you the most. With that, this is the time for you to find another place where you can stay away from your roommates. Of course, when you do, you will have lesser things to think about since your roommates are not a bother to you anymore.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Is Your Home Safe Enough For Your Baby?

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Obviously, you don't have the need to hire a bodyguard just to ensure safety on your baby. You also don't need to have some fancy and high-tech devices just for that – it's definitely not practical! Ensuring safety for you baby is all about avoiding a preventable accident and minimizing the risks that can happen to them. Of course, all of us can ensure safety whether we are living in 1016 residences or any other real estate properties.

However, not all of us here have enough time to do babysitting since we also have some work to do. As a result, accidents happen since we are not there to watch over them. And I'm sure you don't want to happen, right?  That is why it is definitely important for us to have a safety home. But the real question is – HOW?

Basically, childproofing your home is not that hard as you think it is. In fact, you can have a safe home for your baby if you just know what to do. But if you are one of those people who don't have any idea at all on how to do such, then below are some ways for you to apply to make sure you have a safe home for your baby.

Don't wait to get started

Waiting for something to happen to get you started is definitely a no-no. What for? There is no reason why you should wait until accidents happen to your baby. If you don't have enough time to get you started, then you better ask someone that has enough time to make your home as safely as possible. Moreover, it is impossible that you really don't have time, since you have the Saturdays and Sundays for you to do such things. If you really don't have one, then you must make one.

Place the crib in a safe area

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Most of the parents used a crib for their babies. And if you think that a crib is a safe place, then you better think again. It will only be safe when you also put that crib in a safer place. you have to make sure that the crib is not located beside the electrical cords, loose strings, window treatments, and other places where the things may fall. Think of a safer place where the crib can be safe.

Cover sharp corners

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Whether you realize it or not, your home is filled with sharp corners. Be it at the edge of your chair, table, and other things found in your home. If you saw your baby is already going to the edges' direction, then you better cover those sharp objects to protect them from accidents. Well, you can put foam cushions as the cover.

Lock cupboards and cabinets

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The things you placed inside the cupboards and cabinets are also dangers especially when it falls. Moreover, these places are the easiest place your kid can access. That is why you have to make sure to relocate those things and place it in a safer place to ensure that the things won't easily fall.

Protect your baby from electrical outlets

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This is one of the dangerous places you should never forget to consider. You should make sure that the electrical outlets are far from the reach of your kids. If you have some outlets on some corners, then you also have to make sure that it is not visible to their eyes. As much as possible, cover it with something where they can't see it and play with it.

Hide all small objects

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We're talking about kids here. Obviously, whatever things they saw they have the tendencies to put them in their mouth. And it is definitely dangerous if they saw one on the floor. That is why, before you let them play on the floor, pick and hide all small objects and place them out from their reach.
These tips above may be simple and doable, but it is important for you to know to ensure safety for your kids. Again, if you don't have enough time for such things, you better find some help or hire a babysitter where your kid is in the safe hands. Don't be too complacent enough that your home is safe enough because you don't know what will happen next if you are not careful enough when it comes to safety. So, think safe and be safe!