Monday, March 25, 2013

Popular Choices For Condo Window Coverings

Condominium buildings have grown to be popular residential options for a lot of people especially those who need to be near their workplaces. There are many benefits to living in a condominium which is why it is also quite popular even among those who only wish to rent. If a Makati condo for rent is sought after by many office employees in Makati, a for rent Atayala condominiums in Manila  is quite popular among college students in Manila.
One common characteristic of most condo units everywhere in Metro Manila is the presence of at least one window. Whether the view is spectacular or average, a window can have a huge effect on how you decorate your condo unit. No matter how you decorate and style the interiors of your condo unit or the view that you have outside your window, you will need some window coverings for security and privacy. Below are some of the most popular choices for window coverings in condo units.

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  • Fabric curtains. The most common form of window covering, fabric curtains have been used since people started covering their windows. You can easily have fabric curtains custom-made according to the shape and size of your windows. You can easily put two layers of fabric curtains – one made of heavy fabric and another made of sheer fabric – so that you can easily control the amount of light that goes through your window.

  • Venetian blinds. Although initially made popular for office use, venetian blinds have long transitioned towards residential use. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of textures, color, styles, and features when buying venetian blinds. Venetian blinds became popular because they are inexpensive yet durable. Because these are easier to clean, they are good options if your kitchen has a window.
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  • Roman shades. Also known as roll-up shades, these window coverings can be made of fabric, synthetic leather, vinyl, and other materials. These are simple and economical while providing the same coverage as fabric curtains. They are also good space savers because they are rolled up instead of bunched on the sides like fabric curtains.
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  • Solar screens. Designed to control the sunlight and UV rays that come through the window, these are often made of dense mesh and also used for improving the room’s energy efficiency.  Although solar screens can come in the form of panels or blinds, they are also commonly fixed and mounted on the windows.
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