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Advantages To Buying A Condominium

There are a lot of reasons why condominiums are very popular among many people, such as in the Philippines. Because of this, several new condominiums have been erected to answer the demand for more condo units. So what are the advantages and benefits that these people are looking for when it comes to condominiums.

Looking for some condo for sale Philippines? Well let me first ask you, why would you rather buy a condo unit than a house? Condominiums have "outlived" houses according to many people that chose to buy a condo unit rather than a house mainly because of several advantages that they could benefit from condominiums. One apparent benefit is its cost.
Cost Advantages of Condominiums Many condo for sale Philippines today can be easily afforded by many Filipinos. Compared to buying a whole house, condominiums could only cost half as much as houses does, making it easier for single Filipinos to start with their lives away from their parents. Though most of today's condom…

A Look At Townhouses

Aside from condominiums and apartments, townhouses has also been one of the many popular terms used by people to describe a row of houses or exclusive community or complex. So what is a townhouse? And what are its types around Asia and in other countries?

Townhouses is one of the many entities pertaining to houses which can be closely related to condominiums and apartments. So what is a townhouse? Historically in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in many other countries, a townhouse (or a "house in town") was a residence of a peer or member of the aristocracy in the capital or major city. However, the term is now used to define a row of houses typically found in an exclusive community or complexes.
Types of townhouses around the world are different between country to country, Britain and Ireland being the first ones to establish this type of housing, which is commonly known today as terraced housing. In Asia, Australia and South Africa, however, townhouses are generally found i…

Real Estate And Housing Tenure

Like most buildings, a house is also considered as a real estate, which is usually known as a residential real estate. However, the rights to occupy a dwelling is usually under the term called housing tenure.

The term real estate is usually used to describe a land along with its improvements such as buildings, fences, wells and other site improvements that are fixed in location, or in layman's term, immovable. The term is also considered as a body of laws, regulations, and legal codes that pertains to a particular jurisdiction that includes elements like commercial and residential real property transactions. Like most buildings, a house is also considered as a real estate, which is usually known as a residential real estate. However, the rights to occupy a dwelling is usually under the term called housing tenure.
What is Housing Tenure? According to Real estate Philippines specialists, housing tenure usually refers to the financial arrangements in which a person would have rights to …

Why People Would Buy A Condo Than A House

There are many reasons as to why people would rather choose to buy a condominium unit compared to buying a whole house. Some of its most notable benefits are accessibility as well as affordability compared to houses. However, there are also several disadvantages to its ownership.

Condominiums have become very popular among many Filipinos today compared to owning a whole house. This is because of several advantages that condominiums are known such as with its accessibility to both work and luxury, such as the many makati condo found in the city, as well as with its affordable cost. Other than these, what are the reasons why people would rather buy or rent a condo unit compared to buying a house?
Reasons why Condominiums are very Popular One apparent reason for condominiums are its accessibility. By owning a condominium in the heart of a business district, such as buying or renting one of the many makati condo found in the city, one could have the advantage of avoiding a very stressful rus…

Reasons for Living in the Philippines

One can find many reasons in deciding to live in the Philippines.

Homes in the Philippines has an economic and cultural value. It has become a source of economic prestige and a symbol of economic prosperity. On the cultural side, a house is always regarded as a home where the family stays together and serves as a refuge both in easy and hard times. That could explain why Filipinos show a high demand for residential homes.

The Philippine real estate is not only focusing its trajectory locally but it continues to move globally and already known abroad. Foreigners and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are purchasing their own homes in the Philippines. There are myriad reasons why building a home in the Philippines remains an attractive choice for many.

The Philippines is an archipelagic and tropical country. Its beauty continues to draw diverse people from different countries. This unparalleled beauty is one of the reasons why some build homes in the Philippines. It also provides a variety o…

Why Acquire Philippines Properties?

Even though the world economy is experiencing a crisis, there has been a surge of foreign buyers of Philippines properties because of the benefits they can get.

Philippine real estate is enjoying an attention in the world economy. Philippine properties like townhouse, condominiums, lots, leisure club houses and residential homes are worth investing for.

Philippines property is offered both to Filipinos and foreigners. Many foreigners in fact opt to live in the country, purchased their homes and established their own businesses.

Compared to other countries, Philippine economy is still good. The value of Philippines property continues to appreciate amidst the global economic crisis that has greatly affected the global economy.

One thing that the global economic crisis has brought to the Philippine real estate industry is that foreigners have been buying properties here because they are cheaper compared to the prices of properties in their home countries. This means that even though local de…

Philippine Houses as an Investment and your Home

Filipinos and foreigners can choose from different types of Philippines homes and suited to their lifestyles, needs, and budgets from Ayala Land, Inc.

The Philippines has a lot to offer to its citizens and foreigners alike. It is famous around the world as a tourist destination because of its natural and man-made tourist spots all over the archipelago that continue to draw visitors all year round.

The country has been a host for various nationalities. Many chose to stay here and already built or purchased their own Philippines homes. When one could not get over with what they experienced in the Philippines, isn’t it fitting to decide to live in this beautiful country?

It is not only foreigners that show demand for Philippine homes. Overseas Filipino Workers are also buying houses to be their home sweet home whenever they go home for a vacation.

Filipinos show on the other hand show strong demand for residential properties because they put a high value in owning properties like a house…

Do your Business Only With the Best Philippine Real Estate Company

Real estate in Philippines can boast one of the best offers in Asia. Ayala Land, Inc. is the largest and best real estate company in the country.

There is a plethora of real estate development companies in the Philippines today. Choosing the perfect place for your abode can be quite tricky because of the variety of home styles to choose from.

Real estate in Philippines surely has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has been accommodating the needs and wants of the Filipinos here and abroad and foreigners who chose to reside in a tropical country.

Foreigners find it attractive to invest in real estate in the Philippines because prices did not depreciate with the global financial crisis compared to what happened in US real estate. Relatively, it is safe to invest your hard earned money to properties in this country.

There is already a wide array of selection of residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties for sale in the Philippines. One can also find villas, houses, …

Condo Living in Makati

City living encouraged the rise of condominiums as more and more people is always on the go. Living in a Makati condo means you have easy access to work, schools, shopping malls, and word class hotels.

High rise condominiums had become permanent fixtures of metropolitan Philippines. They are commonly seen in busy districts of cities such in PEZA areas, BPOs, Central Business Districts, commercial areas and downtown. The largest concentrations of condos in the Philippines are in Makati, Manila, Pasig, Ortigas, Eastwood, Pasay and Fort Bonifacio.

A condominium is a building that is divided into dwelling units in which each unit is individually owned. This is a perfect choice for people who want to live in the heart of the city without the need to pay a lot for a small parcel of land and maintain their own homes.

Condominiums offer amenities that continue to lure people to live in them such as swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms. Enjoying these upscale leisure amenities do not necessa…

Tips when Looking the Best Philippine Real Estate

Here are some tips to follow when you want to own the best Philippine real estate.

Whenever you want to own Philippine real estate, it is important that you want to own the best one. Surely, there are a lot of Philippine real estate properties that is offered, given that the real estate market in this country is actually a very competitive market. The real estate industry actually contributes much to the Philippine economy, this being a vital factor in the development if this country. However, even though it is true that there are a lot of real estate developers in the Philippines, not all of them can assure that they can offer you the best property that would surely fit in to your actual needs and preferences. In this case, here are some important things that you must consider when looking for the best Philippine real estate properties: A gracious suburban kind of livingOf course, having the best real estate properties includes properties that enable you to enjoy a gracious kind of su…

Looking for the Right Real Estate in the Philippines

Here are some important things to consider when looking forward to own real estate in the Philippines.

There are an increasing number of people who wants to own real estate Philippines. This is because of the fact that the Philippines have one of the best real estate industries in the world. Take note of the fact that the Philippines have increasingly geared its economy towards liberalization and deregulation. This is likewise true for the real estate industry in the Philippines. There are currently a lot of players in this Philippine industry, resulting to competitive prices while offering quality services. Plus, this industry has also started to contribute significantly for the Philippine economy. Truly, owning real estate Philippines is becoming more convenient and cheap. However, you must also take note that choosing the right real estate Philippines is never an easy task. Given the fact that there are a lot of companies that are offering real estate in the Philippines, it is impor…

The Best Eco-Friendly Properties in the Philippines

Here are some of the things that you must look when wanting to own eco friendly real estate in the Philippines.

People are now being more aware in the negative effects of climate change. Especially in the Philippines, which is an archipelagic country, rising sea levels due to climate change would surely bring disastrous effects. These are the reasons why Philippine real estate developers in the Philippines are also beginning to realize this fact. It is a good thing that the best Philippe real estate property developers are now offering environment friendly real estate for consumers. In this case, when you want to own real estate in Philippines, you have now the option of choosing eco-friendly real estate properties. Obviously, there are only a few real estate developers in the Philippines that have considered making eco-friendly properties for you. Most likely, real estate properties that is located in urban areas suffers from the monotonous view of the urban landscape, suffers from cr…

Choosing the Best Home in the Philippines

Looking for a home in the Philippines? Here are some points to remember.

Known as the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines are fast becoming the place where people build their homes. Known as a country home to fine beaches, hospitable people, exquisite cuisine, truly, it is a great deal fir anyone to own a property in this country. Of course, one of the basic reasons behind this fact is because of the vibrant real estate market in the Philippines. The Philippines is actually home to one of the cheapest real estate properties. Also, the real estate industry likewise is a vital part of this country’s economy. In this case, no wonder, many people choose to own real estate Philippines. However, remember that you must not only choose any real estate developer when you want to own real estate Philippines. Remember that you must always pay your money’s worth. The point is, although there are so many different real estate developers in this country, only some of them actually give you the bes…

Choosing the Perfect Real Estate in the Philippines

Planning to own real estate in the Philippines? Here are some important factors to consider.

For people wanting to own real estate in Philippines, it is important for them to choose the right one. It is true that there are many different real estate developers in the Philippines, and it is likewise true that real estate in this country is relatively cheaper as compared to other places. In fact, the real estate industry is one of the biggest and most competitive industries in the economy of the Philippines. These are the reasons why people choose to own real estate in Philippines. However, you must also take note of the fact that you must not just avail of any real estate property. This is because, the last thing that you want to have is an unsatisfactory piece of property that do not actually fit what are your actual individual preferences. That is why, it is crucial for you to find the right real estate property that would surely make you satisfied and contented. Here are some factors…

Finding the Best Philippines Homes for You

It is true that there are many home developers in the Philippines. However, here are the reasons why AyalaLand’s NUVALI may offer the best.

Of course, when you are finding Philippines homes, you may not have to deal with huge problems. This is because the real estate industry in the Philippines is actually a very competitive industry. And remember, free competition always entails quality services and cheap prices. These are the reasons why many people are actually choosing the Philippines as their next residential location. However, we must not fall into the trap of just getting the first real estate property that we can encounter. In any competitive market, it is still the job of consumers to shop around for the best developers that offers the best Philippines homes available. It is true that there are many different real estate developers that offer Philippines homes at prime locations. In fact, there are even low cost communities that are located right in the perimeter of the metro…

The Best Philippines Homes

Are you looking for the best homes in the Philippines? Here are some important things to keep in mind.
Truly, finding the best homes in Philippines is never an easy job. In fact, it may prove to be a more daunting task than usual. The basic point that you must remember when you are searching for the best homes in Philippines is: the one that perfectly fits your individual tastes and preferences. Truly, every individual was his/her own preferences, and having a home that does not fit in may make any living experience unsatisfactory. Here are some points to remember that may help you when finding the best homes in philippines: Has wide open spacesNot many real estate developers offer communities that have wide open spaces for community dwellers to enjoy. But remember that you must not just settle on getting a home that has the same congestion and monotonous concrete landscape that characterize every urban area. Having a home that enjoys wide open spaces is surely a good thing to have. Loca…

The Best Philippine Condos

Surely, any person would like to have the best condos in the Philippines. Take a look at why Ayala Land’s Serendra may be the best for you. .

Surely, many people right now are choosing to live in the heart of the metropolis. Especially for consumers who prefer the fast paced lifestyles of urban living, having a residence located at the heart of a busy metropolis is surely a dream come true. One thing, having residence at this location would bring many conveniences. For instance, when you are going to work, shopping for your family, or taking the kids to school, being in the center of the city would make it very convenient to do so. This is the reason why many people choose to live in condominiums. Likewise, choosing the best condo for sale Philippines is also a crucial decision to make. However, the reason why some people hesitate to live in condominiums is because of certain impressions that come with it. In many instances, living in a condo also means living in a high rise building, …

4 Steps To Own Your Ayala Land Home When you finally choose to buy your dream home

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1.) FIND

One of the hardest challenges when looking for your dream home is zeroing in on that one special home that you see yourself and your family making a happy memories in out of the hundreds of homes available in the market.


One home may not be as good as another. Enter two or three developments as you are interested in and see which has the best fit for you in terms of budget, lifestyle and taste.


We'll walk you thru the whole process of selecting, and purchasing; and give you a very good idea of the requirements and the different financing options. Whether you are abroad or in the country, there are many ways of getting in touch with us.


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