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How To Earthquake Proof Your Home

Earthquakes are natural occurrences that not a lot of people get to experience. But for those who do experience it, it is something that they will never forget. Unfortunately, the biggest damages that earthquakes bring are to various structures and properties.  The recent earthquake in the Philippines damaged many Philippine properties; many of which are old homes, building, decades-old churches. Whether you have experienced an earthquake or not, it is good to be prepared for one because earthquakes will always be part of the hazards of real estate in the Philippines – earthquakes can happen anytime and anywhere. Below are some useful tips to help you earthquake proof your home. Use sill bolts and sill plates. If you have yet to construct your house, be prepared by using sill bolts and sill plates to secure the structure of your house. These are used to help keep your house in its foundation; sill bolts are attached to the concrete foundation every 4 feet. You may also want to us…