Thursday, March 20, 2014

Philippine Home Design Trends For 2014

Fashion, like all things, change. So expect most of the trends of 2013 to be replaced with new ones this 2014, including those in home design. The question now is how would the Philippine home design trends for 2014 look like? Here are some ideas.

Purple is in
Neutral colors as well as Earth colors that dominated the designs last year are now taking the backseat as purple takes over. In fact, according to the American company Pantone, this year’s new color schemes will be revolving around Radiant Orchid or similar color blends such as pink, and fuchsia. Vibrant hues are also expected to be popular because they would make a stark contrast with the dull colors of last year, but do not count the black and white tandem out just yet when choosing to redesign your Philippinehome. They still provide great accents.

Vintage is back
Old school is once again gaining ground and inspiration. Wooden pieces of 2013 are starting to give way to elaborate, metal-clad designs of the 30’s and 40’s. Vintage, designers expect, will not be confined to just accents but also to many furniture pieces and overall designs. However, do not just go buying old Philippine real estate properties because it might difficult to redesign it to be at par with newer ones.

Functionality is prioritized
Despite the radical change in trends and the stronger emphasis on space, home designs of 2014 are expected to be centered on functionality. Space saving shapes, versatility, and layouts that can be used for other purposes will be prioritized over glamorous and less functional styles. This means stackable chairs, unfolding corner sofas, and other furniture pieces with built in storage spaces will be seen more often in interior design exhibits and display setups. Say goodbye to elements whose sole function is to provide visual appeal. A good rule would be to check for convenience and comfort.

This, however, does not mean that motifs and overall themes will be automatically abandoned this year. Not necessarily. You see, even though some mix-and-match are encouraged, a home’s general design can still be coherent or intact. Designers agree that you can still be vintage or vibrant while being completely practical and functional.

For those who have their own style, you may freely mix your own style and those that are trending for this year. You will end up with a design that is uniquely your own.