Thursday, February 26, 2015

6 Cool Ways To Save Space For Small Apartments

Have you ever been confused on how to clean up your messy things that were scattered all over your place in apartment Cebu? Or asked, is this thing still important to me? There is no enough storage, where will I put the important things? This thing eats up a big space in my apartment, what will I do with these things? Who will not be confused when these questions keep bugging us in our minds?

Most of us, if not all, don't know where and how to arrange and organized our things since there is just a lot of important things that you need to keep. It will be a tough one when you don't have any idea on how to save space especially when you have a lot of important things that you need to keep.

There will be a lot of things to consider in tidying up your place especially when you are living in a small space apartment. Let me just give you some cool ways on how to keep your things in order with a minimal space to have.

Storage under your stairs

When your apartment has a stairs that still have the space underneath, you can make storage or a drawer out of it. You can make your own design of the drawer or anything you want to do with the space under your stairs for as long as there will be a lot of room for your things to keep.
In there, you can place your books, shoe boxes or any other boxes and or other things that are old yet it is still important to you. Other people who visit your apartment will not notice since it is hidden under the stairs.

 Sofa bed

Using of sofa bed can really save space in your apartment. It has a dual purpose; it can be used as a sofa chair and or you can make it as your bed. Whenever you feel like using one, you just have to fold or unfold it. It does not just save space but it also convenient to your part especially when you are planning to move to another house or apartment.

Jewelries inside a painting
Clever as it may seem but yes, you can definitely have your painting as a keep safe for your jewelries. Who would know that you have a lot of expensive jewelries hidden at the back of the painting? With that, you will not be in a bad mood finding your earrings or bracelets. You just have to open the painting and there you have it, your jewelries that were hidden for safe keep.

Hanging garment rack
If you are a kind of person who doesn't want to have their clothes to be crumpled, you can have a hanging garment rack. The garment rack is hung from the ceiling which saves up the space around you. It is better than the standing rock which sometimes can eat some of your space.

Shoe organizer for nail polish
If you are kind of girl who likes to beautify their nails and you have tons of nail polish, you can use shoe organizer for it and hang it on the back door of your room. With that, there will be no nail polish scattered on your table. You can also segregate your nail polish by their color and labeling it so that you will not be confused when you need it later on.

A dog bowl drawer
If you are kind of person who just love to have pet yet you don't want them to be messy when it comes to their food, you can make a bowl drawer where your dog can just eat in that place. There is no need to find some other place just to let your dog eat. It is also not obvious that you have a dog bowl since it is hidden in the drawer.

Friday, February 20, 2015

6 Creative Bedroom Designs That Your Kids Will Surely Love

Admit it! We all just can't get enough with kid's naughtiness, cuteness and cheerfulness! Who doesn't? 

Every parent goes to any lengths just to give the best for their children, right? Making the kids happy and give their daily needs is the duty and responsibility of the parents. And aside from giving them their needs, transforming and beautifying their rooms where they can play around is also one way to make them happy. Whether you are living in a condo unit Cebu or in an ordinary house, you can still make and transform your kid's bedroom into a creative and lovely one.

There are actually a lot of bedroom designs for kids which they will surely love to have. As parents, you have to know first what kind of things your kids love the most or things that they just can't get enough with. With that, you will have an idea what kind of bedroom design that will suit to the liking of you kids. Now here are some of the examples of bedrooms that were creatively designed.

A basketball court bedroom design

Boys will surely love this bedroom design especially when he is playing basketball. The things that are included in the basketball court are also included in the design of the bedroom. The actual basketball ring and the lines where players are supposed to shoot the ball are also included in the design. Though there may be some adjustments of the place.

Under the sea bedroom design

When your kids love to swim and he or she just can't get enough with it, you might consider transforming and decorating their rooms with seawater, where they can see fishes, plants that grew under the water and other creatures or things that can be found in the sea. Of course, you can also transform their beds into a boat shape. With this, they will surely love the idea of having this bedroom designs.

A Car racing bedroom design

When your kids just can't get enough with a toy car, you might want to consider transforming their bedrooms into a car racing bedroom design, a kind of design where boys will surely love it. Usually, boys who love toy cars are also into car racing bedroom design. They will feel like they are in the place where they got to have the actual car racing. Well, you will really have to transform it into the actual car racing place for them to love it.

A forest bedroom design

Nature, yes! When your kids love animals, plants, gardens and or things that are related to nature, forest bedroom design may suit their liking. They will love how the tree is being place and with the animals in it, a big flower mat, where they can also lay down aside from their bed and animal, stuffed toys where they can also play with. They will surely love their room when they have this design.

A Cinderella bedroom design

 When you have a child that is a girl and who wants to be a princess someday, you might want make her feel that they are a princess even though they may still be young. You can have a carriage with their bed inside. You can also add some castle-like decorations on the sides. Your daughter will surely love to have this kind of place where she will feel that is really a princess.

A playground bedroom design 

Now you don't have to go far where you kids can just play since you can already let them play inside their room. With an active lifestyle they have, you will surely want to put up a room where they can move around and play for as longs as they can. They have every facility like slides, wall climbing and other things that make they play. Your kids will surely love to have this kind of room.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

5 Ways to Set your House a “Home Sweet Home.”

Every house has its own version and uniqueness, homes in the Philippines as an example, but the common denominator of it is the transformation into a comfortable place for living. Each style really matters because it adds life to your dwelling.

Building a house without a purpose will not be a better place to live. Be reminded that each area of your house might be a place of good memories to your family. A house can be boring if the arrangement itself is unorganized. What is good about developing your house is to make a very firm decision of changing it- and that if you feel uncomfortable with what you have in your own home.

                                                       Photo credit from Pinterest

Listed below are the highlighted ideas that can give you some hints for you to change or set your house as a new one:                                                

Choose the right color for your rooms.

                                                         Photo credit from Pinterest

Part of constructing our houses is to select colors that are appropriate to what we desired most as the owner. It’s up to you to decide unto what colors would you like to paint on your walls, materials to be used that will also blend to the ambiance. Sometimes the color will also affect your mood that does matters also for you to feel the environment.

Create furniture that is useful

                                                      Photo credit from Pinterest

Being imaginative of making your stuffs at home is better because you can limit your budget with the help of your brilliant mind. What is good about creating your own furniture is that, it’s a kind of memorable and a self- rewarding if you made it in your own. Instead of buying expensive furniture, you can do it yourself at least you have materials at home that is handmade and a product of your hard work.

Save a training ground for the future of your kids

                                                      Photo credit from Pinterest

A good parent knows the needs and wants of their children. Preserving a room for your kids in order to develop their skills while their young is quite impressive, by that you are preparing for their future’s wanted to be. Most of the time, the most common thing that some parents did was combining the rooms of their kids as their training room and at the same time their rest room. Be reminded that the training room of your kids will serve as their cocoon to achieve their dreams in the near future and at the end of the day this room will be a memorable one.

Have an interesting Backyard

                                                      Photo credit from Pinterest

There are rare things that will help eliminate boredom at home. What’s more exciting is, you can do simple adventures even in a few meters away and the good thing is, you can have it as near as outside of your house. Building recreational activities at home will help your relationships firm. The more tricks of adventures that you want the many bonding moments that you can leave behind to your loved ones. Even if you can’t see how to meet new people in your place and your friends are busy, what’s more important is, you have your family and that’s worth enough for you to enjoy each journey of your life.

Say YES to Pets

                                                       Photo credit from Pinterest

Having a family pet can help to comfort when things get real. You can play with your pet especially when you are in your work out, you can take them running with you. When you’re alone at home or even your children, it can company you or them. Others say that pets can give you security at home especially emergency moments like fire and etc. Pets are very useful and helpful in your house especially dogs. Your home will be a kind of interesting for your kids when you have lovely animals as they do.

Every one of us has different approach when it comes to transforming our house an enjoyable home to live. We have different styles and designs in order to make it comfortable at the end. But whatever it takes, a true home can only be perfect when you completely have your family with peace and love, thus, ways that are mentioned above can also be a factor that will make your family happier and bond each other.