Thursday, April 30, 2015

House Color of the Week: Green

The color green is known have a pleasant color and it also soothes our eyes. It is also known for its capability to make a person feel relaxed and give them some health benefits whenever they see a green color. Not just that, color green also depicts Mother Nature. That is why, there are a lot of people, if not all, wants to paint or have their house in Alveo land Davao be colored in green.

When you go for the color green, your house will be as radiant as the nature. Its ambience is light which is appealing to the eyes. Usually, those people who are into nature and who just love green are most likely be the one to have their house painted with green color. Well, it will also depend on how you manage the shadings of the colors to your house.

There are actually a lot of green things that you can include in your house. You can have it as one of your decorations and/or furnitures inside your house. If you are one of those people who just love green and/or a nature lover, who also wants to have your house painted with green, then here are some tips on how you can have a successful renovations and/or arrangements in your house with the green color. And I’m sure, you definitely also want to try it at your house.

Go green in the bathroom
There is nothing like having and experiencing a relaxing bath in your house. Of course, who would not be relaxed when all of the walls of your bathroom are painted in green color? Especially when you also incorporate white and/or any other color for as long as it matches with the color green as your main color in your bathroom. That means that whenever they go into the bathtub or take a shower, your eyes can definitely relax just by seeing green stuff.

Not just the wall and the ceiling of your bathroom, but also, you can include and/or have green things that are for bathroom use like the container of your toothbrush, your soap and/or any other containers that you think it is also best if it is green.

Go green in the living room

 Living room is the place where most of us, family and/or friends are gathered to bond and have some fun chit chatting with each other. That is why, it is also important for you to make your living room nice and satisfying to stay and look at.

Of course, you can also definitely combine it with some color that pairs with color green to add more beauty to the place. You can also have green with the sofa chair that you have, the throw pillows, the carpet and/or any stuff that are found in the living room. Another thing, just try to make and/or match the color with the other colors properly for you to have a good outcome of the desired living room.

Go green in the bedroom
Of course this, you can have your own personal shade of green or whatever kind of green that you like for your room. You can have it darker or lighter shade for your room. You can paint or have a wallpaper that is green on your walls.

Not just on the walls, but also, you can definitely have your bed sheets, your pillows, your blankets, the table and/or chair that is included in your room be colored green. You have to be creative in matching colors to the other colors.

Go green in the kitchen
You can also have your kitchen painted with green. You can have your kitchen drawers, tables and/or kitchen utensils that you think green suits its best.

Of course, you can definitely play with colors in your kitchen. If you want, you can also include any color for shading the paint in your table and/or any other things that are painted with green.

Go green on the entire house
If you are a person who is really into the green color and also want to have a green house, you can surely have your house painted with green. Just make sure that is still nice and refreshing to look at. You can also play with the color match to make it more lively and nice.

Friday, April 24, 2015

What type of employer you are working with?

When we talk about employers, they are the boss. They are the one who gives a task to every employee that is working in an office space Cebu. They are the voice of the company and have all the authority when it comes to your work.
Every employer has their own different ways of handling and/or treating their employees. One might not be comfortable doing like what other employers do since they have their own strategy on how they can win the employees.

Unfortunately, there are also times that we as an employee, we cannot understand they way they think. We can’t fully grasp the things that they want to impart to us. Perhaps, they also have their character towards treating things on their own.

If you are one of those people who are a keen observer when it comes to the attitudes of your employer, then you might also try to refer to these traits and/or the types of employer that you might be working with.

The bossy type

Of course, our employer is the boss of the company. He/she gives orders on what to do to come up a good and quality outcome of the work. Sadly, there are employers who are already bossy when it comes to giving task to their employees.

They give task more than the employees can take. There are also times that they don’t take considerations on the part of the employee for as long as the work will be done ASAP. You will also notice that even if you are still working on a specific task, they will give you another task to work on. And since you are not yet done with the other one, your task will be piled up until you will no longer be able to determine which of your task the most top priority is.

The ‘always right’ type

We all know and must admit that we are not perfect. We usually make mistakes for us to learn more things as we go along our daily lives. When we talk about work, we make mistakes too, especially when the task that is given is not that familiar to us. Not just us, as employees, but also employers commit mistakes.

Unfortunately, there are employers who do not acknowledge that they are wrong. They do not accept the fact that for once, he or she made the wrong choice in doing and handling things in the office. Even if they know that they are on the wrong side, they will still insist that the plan and/or the decisions that he or she made is still the right one.

The snob type

Believe or not, there are some employers who are a snob. When they feel like they don’t want to talk to a particular person, he or she will really not to him/her. This kind of employer will only just look away when they feel like doing it.

There are also times when you have and/or came up a new idea and he/she doesn’t like it at all, the employer will be just snob and/or ignore your suggestions. Even meeting in the hallway, when he/she doesn’t feel like talking to you, then sorry, you will totally be a snob.

The happy go lucky type

This kind of employer is everyone’s best friend. He/she is into whatever activities and/or suggestions one can have. They usually attend their employees’ concerns when it comes to their work.
Also, this kind of employer sets an example to his/her employees at work. Being friendly and considerate are one of the traits that we can get through them.

Friday, April 17, 2015

3 Effective Ways To Have Your Dream Home

Having your own home is everybody’s dream, right?! Of course, it is one of our necessities in life to live a healthy and satisfying lifestyle in a condo Cebu. We even imagine or even daydream that we are already living in our own condo unit. Well, we certainly can attain that dream if we just know how to save up money for our dream home.
I bet, we all do admit that saving money can sometimes be hard on our part, since there are so many things that we need in our daily lives. We need to buy foods to survive for the day, clothes to wear, and bills to pay.  How can we even save up with these things that we really need to have?

Of course, we all still can save even money even with our needs in life. It is up to you on how you manage and budget your money for you to still have a savings left. Now if you are a kind of person who just can’t get enough with spending and want to save money, here are some tips you can apply for you to buy your own dream home.

  1. Control spending
I know and I bet, that we are all guilty of this. Sometimes, it is just inevitable that we want to spend money on the things that we want to have. We want to buy things that we like even if we don’t need it. Especially when that thing that you like is put on sale, you’ll definitely grab that chance to buy since it is discounted. We just can’t control the urge to buy that specific thing.

Discipline is always the keyword in controlling your urge to spend. You will set your own limitations on the things that you want to have. Discipline yourself that whenever you have your money in the bank, try to have an effort to fight the urge for you not to withdraw your cash just to buy things even if it is not necessary.

Also, you have to ask yourself over and over again, whether that thing that you like is needed in your daily life or not. And if it is not, then don’t buy it for you to save up your money. We all know it is going to be hard, but you will definitely control it if you are just disciplined enough.

  1. Estimate the cost of your dream home
When you know how much you need to save, you will have a goal in mind to reach that specific amount for you to buy your dream or future home. You will know how much more will you save for you to minimize the spending of your money.

Also, always keep in mind that in reaching that particular amount for you to buy your own home, you also have to keep track of the amount you already have. And another thing, always include on your savings the budget of the expenses that you will need later on.

  1. Visualize your dream home
When you are a kind of person who is determined to pursue in buying your dream home, visualizing your home might help you get motivated in reaching that dream of yours. Putting up a picture of your dream home on your wall, for example, is also one of the ways you can visualize it.

The tendency when you have your dream home posted on your wall or any other places that you can see it, you will get more and more motivated day by day just by seeing it. The more you see it, the more you want to pursue it.

These are just some tips you can apply in your situation. When you know how important to manage your money, then you will surely get your desired home. Just be disciplined enough and you will certainly get it. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5 Foods That You Surely Want To Eat This Summer

Hands up if you want to eat cold foods in this summer season!

There can never be a more satisfying feeling when you try to attend your cravings. Of course, considering the summer heat that really gets through our skin and we just wanted to chill and make our self satisfied with the foods in the restaurants in the Philippines.

Yes. There are foods that are made specifically for summer. Though we can still eat these foods,   even if it is not summer, but there is no better time to eat these kinds of foods when you are in a mood to chill and relax and to eat your favorite summer food.

For us, it is a common thing to have and eat. Now here some food that you definitely would want to eat during summer days.

Snow cones
Snow cones are common to the kids who just want to have a flavored ice. Well, you don’t have to be a kid for you to taste it. If you want to have a crunch, then you might as well try snow cones. You will love the crunchiness when you try to eat the flavored ice.

And not just it, you can also taste the creaminess of the condensed milk that was included in the ingredient of the snow cones. Of course, you can also choose different flavors that you like.

Halo-halo is one of the cool foods Filipinos love to eat this summer. The name of the food came from the word to ‘mix’ since you have to mix all the ingredients first before you can eat it. of course, Ice cream, letche flan, mango, banana, coconut and other ingredients that are included in the halo-halo.

Usually, Filipinos have this as one of the deserts. And especially when the weather is just too hot for them to handle, then halo-halo is the usual food one can have to satisfy their cravings.

Ice cream
This is the most common food that we really want to eat, especially when the weather is just too hot and the summer heat is really up. Eating ice cream is one of the cool foods that can really save our cravings for summer food.

Of course, there will also be a lot of flavored for you to choose from. The satisfaction of your craving will also be depend on what kind of flavor that can get through your taste and satisfy you in the taste that you love the most. From kids to adult, we just love to eat ice cream wherever and whenever we are.

Durian can be one of the most challenging fruit that you have and must taste. Though it is known to have a foul odor. But the moment when you have to taste it, you can taste its sweetness. Most of the people, if not all, especially when he or she is not used to the odor of the fruit will usually cover their nose when they eat it for them not to smell the foul odor of the fruit.

There are already a lot of manufacturers of durian throughout in Asia. If you don’t like the durian fruit, you can definitely have their durian candies, durian pastilias and other delicacies that are made with durian. With that, you can now taste durian without smelling it foul odor.

Iced coffee
To those people who loves coffee and just can’t get enough doze with it, now you can have your favorite coffee mix with an ice. Of course, you don’t want to drink hot coffee with the kind of summer heat that you are experiencing. For you to have a satisfying feeling of your coffee break, try adding it with ice.